How to make a gift to mom on March 8 with your own hands

How to make a gift to mom on March 8 with your own handsOn the eve of the holiday, the question always arises, what kind of gift to present to the most beloved and dear person in life - mother? I want it to be original, vivid and memorable. Options for needlework set. It is only necessary to show imagination, patience and, of course, to link your craft with the holiday of March 8.


We offer you to make a gift for your mother with your own hands. Such gifts remain in the memory for a long time and value them more than those bought in souvenir shops.
Today we will learn to make a festive bouquet "Pink Elephant" from roses with your own hands. Doing this work with our step-by-step instructions will be easy.


To create such a “bouquet” you will need:


  • Corrugated paper (pink and white)
  • foam balls 2pcs. (torso, head)
  • foam preparation (for trunk)
  • cardboard
  • toothpicks
  • hot glue
  • cardboard rolls (paper kitchen towels are wrapped around them)
  • strings


We twist pink roses from corrugated paper. They and foam balls form the basis of the elephant.


Paper roses


Paper scissors cut into strips 3-4 cm wide. We bend the edge in the form of a triangle and along the entire length of the strip on one side we carefully make a figured edge.


How to make a gift to mom on March 8 with your own hands


From these stripes, roll two fingers with rolls for roses. Fasten firmly to the bottom of the roll with thread. After that, we straighten the roll and form the rose. After the pink flowers, make four white, for the tummy of our elephant.


If you purchased foam balls, then each rosette is attached to a toothpick and stuck in a ball. And if the plastic balls, roses are glued directly to the ball and toothpicks are not needed in this case.


In the foam ball we stick the roses on the toothpicks and close it all. Do not forget about white flowers. We connect the balls together, glue them with hot glue and get the head and torso.


Elephant legs


Now proceed to the manufacture of legs. Here we will come in handy cardboard rolls of paper kitchen towels. We cut them into pieces 7cm long. We paste white paper on each part (the bottom of the cylinder).


Then on the sides, stripes of pink paper, with a figured edge, glue the entire leg of the elephant. You should be like this.




We draw ears and cut them out of cardboard. Also we glue over them with strips with shaped edge on both sides. There is pink paper on the front of the ear, and white paper strips in the center. On the back we use only pink. We attach the ears to the head with glue.




The elephant's proboscis can be made foam, from a special blank, or twisted from newspapers. Decorate with pink stripes with a curved edge. Eyes can be bought in the store for creativity already ready, and you can draw on thick paper and stick. You can decorate the craft with a narrow white satin ribbon, tied to a pink elephant around its neck.


We will be happy if, with the help of our master class, on March 8 you can please your mother with such a beautiful gift made with love!

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