How to make a choice of operating system

You will need
  • A computer
First of all, abstract from the power of your computer. If you have a medium-capacity computer with a small amount of RAM, you should pay attention to Windows XP. This operating system is not so demanding on hardware resources compared to Windows 7. If you have less than 2 gigabytes of RAM, you should prefer Windows XP. It is on such an operating system that you can work comfortably.
Also, if you play video games, note that on Windows XP, with an average PC power, games will work much better, and on Windows 7 they may slow down or not run at all. Of course, advanced technologies in video games, such as DirectX 11, are implemented on Windows 7, but you can really feel them only on powerful PCs with the latest video cards that support this technology.
If you have a powerful computer with at least two gigabytes of RAM and at least with an average dual-core processor, the best option would be to install Windows 7.This is the newest operating system that supports all the latest technologies and has a beautiful interface. Despite the fact that Windows XP is still a popular and demanded operating system, the future is in Windows 7. All modern programs are written for this operating system. In addition, owners of new video cards can fully enjoy high-quality graphics in video games.

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