How to make a cat out of plasticine?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
March 19, 2013
How to make a cat out of plasticine?

Cats are beloved by many creatures with incredible grace and attractiveness. They are loved regardless of gender, race, social status and age. Along with dogs, cats are the most common pets in the world. Often in the classroom in fine arts in schools and kindergartens, teachers set the task for children to make a plasticine cat. How to do it quickly and correctly? We will discuss this further.

Crafts from plasticine: cats

To implement this idea, we need several colors of clay, a match, a toothpick and a stationery knife. At the first stage, we take a solid piece of clay and divide it into equal parts. For this we use a knife. Of the two parts learned, you need to roll two balls, and cut the third piece into six small pieces (the same). The resulting six elements also roll into balls. We use large balls to make the head and torso of a cat, and small ones for paws, tail, cheeks and ears.

How to sculpt a cat from plasticine: four stages

  • We take in hand a large ball and roll out a sausage from it. She will become the body of the animal. Then we attach the second ball to the resulting sausage. To do this, use a match.
  • We make four legs of small balls and place them in the lower part of the body. After that, from the fifth ball we make a tail. It should be thinner and longer than the sausage legs. Glue it to the appropriate place and proceed to the next step.
  • The third step is to create a muzzle. In order for the cat to have a full-fledged appearance, you need to take the last small ball and split two pieces from it. We place them on the face in such a way that the cheeks are obtained. Next, we remove another piece of clay from the last ball and make a triangle with slightly rounded edges. This will be our cat's nose. To make the animal visually “alive”, you need to roll a couple of tiny balls of green clay and place them on your face as eyes. To create pupils, it is desirable to use grains of millet, semolina, or any other cereal.
  • Now you know how to make a cat from plasticine.In conclusion, it is necessary to delineate the antennae of the animal with the help of a toothpick and mark the fingers on the legs.

Then you just have to pass your information to your child, how to make a cat scooped here from clay.

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