How to make a bedroom for a teenager

Choose the color scheme of the room. Teenagers like bright or dark colors, but do not paint the whole room in them. Colorful walls look very modern. For example, you can paint one wall in bright orange or saturated mauve, while others leave white or cream. Pay attention to the green, blue, black and white gamut. Dull beige, brown and gray tones can be used only in combination with more rich colors.
The wall can be distinguished in another way. Simulate brickwork with special sheets that are glued like wallpaper. Modern wallpapers also look impressive. Instead of idyllic landscapes, you can use more stylish scenes - for example, a night city.
In a teenage bedroom contrasts look spectacular. If the room has a dark floor, decorate it with light rugs or put bright puffs. Do not forget about practicality - it is unlikely that a teenager will keep in perfect purity a white sofa or soft cream carpet.
Cabinet furniture should be replaced with built-in wardrobes.All things of the teenager will be located in them, and properly organized storage system will allow to maintain order without much hassle. Open shelves fit only very neat children. Through the racks can be used to partition off the room and create zones.
Properly organize the bed. Teenager fit sofa simple design without extra pillows, a sofa or a loft bed. If you chose the latter option, think about what can be arranged on the lower tier. Under the bed, it is easy to place a small unfolding sofa for guests or even a working area.
Instead of the classic heavy curtains hang modern blinds or roller blinds. Discard the tulle - it does not fit well in the teenage interior.
Allocate a place to practice. A very convenient option - a long tabletop, installed instead of a windowsill. It can occupy all the space at the window and allows you to comfortably arrange everything you need to practice. Here you can install a computer. This design is not only convenient, but also practical, as it saves space in the room.
Supplement the interior with interesting accents - photographs and posters in frames, a canopy over the bed, original lamps, and decorative stickers on the walls.Choose jewelry with your child and be sure to consider their wishes. Do not forget about poufs, floor cushions or bean bags. They are needed for games and reception. Buy items with removable, easily washable covers in bright colors.

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