How to love your child?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
April 17, 2013
How to love your child?

If you want to rectify the situation in the family and think about how to love your child, then start small. It can not be that the baby did not do you any good. Find it good and praise the child for it. He runs up to the door, meeting you from work. Just think, how many people sincerely rejoice at your coming? The kid will help you in the kitchen. And how many people seek to help you disinterestedly? The child asks you to read a bedtime story - who else needs your attention so selflessly?

Parents do not choose

It is annoying to many that children do not obey them, but imagine that you would be treated like a child. Imagine that your boss at work would fly into your office and start yelling that your papers are scattered and in disarray, as always. What you do not know how to do, but now you have to give up all things and immediately go with him. And if you have not had time to get out of the stupor from such treatment, they grab you by the hand, give several cuffs and drag across the corridor in front of other employees, shouting to the whole floor that you disgrace your boss.It is probably difficult to imagine such a thing, and in fact many parents do this to children. Most likely, with such a boss, you yourself would quit right away and find another job.

The problem is that children cannot choose other parents. They save everything in themselves, because if they start crying or bursting out, then mom will get even more angry. Then this aggressiveness will splash out on those who also cannot respond to them with force. How to break this vicious circle? Just learn to control yourself and remember the story of the boss. Give your child time to realize your request and finish his work, because he is also a person.

How to love someone else's child

When remarried, many are faced with the question: How to love someone else's child? Loving someone else's child is much more difficult than the one who shoved in your stomach. Try to stand in the place of this baby. You have a distinct advantage over it - experience. You can look into the future and correct your own behavior if the present future does not suit you. A child is not under force. So help him, share this experience. Prove that you are more mature and wiser.The more time you spend with the baby, the better he will open his inner world before you, and the stronger you will become attached to him.

If you really want to love your own or someone else's child, you must admit that you already love him. And if you are afraid to do this, you will look for the reasons for your dislike: employment and fatigue at work, disobedience of the child, inattentive husband, etc. Children feel when they are loved with all their hearts and will respond to you in return.

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