How to listen to free radio in Russian on the Internet

You will need
  • Access to the Internet
  • Speakers or headphones
Runet provides users with considerable opportunities. You can listen to the radio via the Internet for free on many sites and through many programs. If you are an adherent of any one radio station in Russian, then try to visit its website. Surely on the site itself is a free broadcast. However, if the station is based in Moscow, and you are in the region, then the program schedule and even the track list can reach you with significant changes, and on the official website you will have to listen to the radio as Muscovites hear it. However, this also applies to other sites and programs through which the broadcast.
You can listen to the radio for free on many sites. Usually on such resources there are hundreds of radio stations - not only Russian, but also stations of the CIS countries, near and far abroad.In general, now you can at any time go to the Internet and listen to a thematic radio station from Canberra. Most Russian radio stations are also represented on such sites. The largest of them are In-Radio, E-Radio, Radio.Puler, etc. You can listen to the radio on these sites for free, they exist for a set of advertising and voluntary donations. In addition to the official radio stations broadcasting on the waves of am and fm, these sites also have copyright internet radio, that is, thematic music collections. On such radio, as a rule, there are no DJs and no ads, only music.
Sometimes to listen to the radio you need to install one or another software. A program for listening to the radio and watching television can be downloaded, for example, on the All-Radio website. There is a good program Screamer Radio. And with the help of Radiocent, you can record songs that sound on Internet radio.
Many radio stations in Russian are in the application Radio Online in the social network VKontakte. Install this application for yourself, select the “Russia” item and get a list of available Russian-language radio stations. Listening is also completely free.

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