How to lighten hair so that they are not yellow

What a happiness to be a blonde! It's nice when, when meeting you, passers-by and motorists enthusiastically turn their heads. You, like a diamond, are riveting the eyes of others. It becomes clear that the effort was not wasted! Unfortunately, often after the procedures for lightening hair in their shade, yellowness appears. For blondes this is one of the most burning topics. The result of clarification can be a cheap shade of straw, instead of the expected sophistication of the "blond". The site of useful advice will help to find a new image, by overcoming the problem of yellowness of colored hair!


Before performing the procedure for lightening the hair, you need specialist advice in the following cases:


· Your hair is damaged (dry hair with a broken structure tends to be unevenly colored, the result is the presence of light spots). Use conditioners, restoring shampoos, various masks and other means to achieve a healthy look of your hair.


· The scalp is not completely healthy, there are small wounds or inflammatory processes.


· A perm was applied (the interval between the “chemistry” and the lighting procedure should be at least a week)


· Your hair is already dyed. If paints based on plant components, such as, for example, henna, were used, the color after the procedure may be unpredictable.

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