How to learn to swim by yourself?

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How to learn to swim by yourself?

Learning to swim - only at first glance it seems difficult. And this “science” is especially difficult given to those people who have a fear of water, or rather a fear of drowning. But in fact, it is quite possible to learn to swim independently.

How to learn to swim in the water

The first thing to do is to overcome your fear of drowning. Water holds the body, and this is its physical property, however, if a person is afraid, then he immediately begins to go to the bottom. No need to try to learn how to swim in water at great depths and without supporting craft.

Training a novice swimmer should consist of the following elements:

  • Go into the water so that it reaches approximately the level of the chest;
  • Breathe in the air and dive under the water, legs crossed. This exercise will help to feel the pushing force of water, to feel that the body is emerging under its action;
  • After it becomes impossible to hold your breath, get back on your feet again.

More tips on how to learn to swim, you will find in our article - How to learn to swim.

Such exercises can be done not only in open waters, but also in pools. In the latter, it is easier to train if you hold on to the sides.

In order to learn how to swim independently, either with a bras or with any other style, you can watch how other people do it and adopt their technique. Also, in order to learn how to swim in butterfly style, it will be useful to read our article - How to swim butterfly.

Movement while swimming

When a person is already able to stay on the water and hold his breath, then it remains only to master the movements with his hands and feet. Each style has its own characteristic movements, but most importantly, they should be synchronous and directed to movement in water.

The best way to start learning how to swim like a dog is the easiest way. It is necessary to thresh hands and feet in the water approximately as if pedaling a bicycle.

It is quite easy to learn how to swim breaststroke yourself - first you need to train your legs. These movements are very similar to those of frogs, and it is easy to repeat them.The paddle is done simultaneously with two hands.

In order to learn how to swim a crawl, the legs must work in the same manner as in the “dog-like” style, and the hands must perform alternate circular movements over the water.

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