How to learn to ski?

Skiing is a wonderful winter sport, whose popularity is only increasing every year. Therefore, the question of how to ski properly remains an issue for many people. Of course, it is best to learn to ski with an instructor, but not everyone has this opportunity. In this article we will try to give advice to beginners who are going to learn how to ski. It’s easy to go skiing and we’ll tell you about basic skiing techniques right now.

The correct technique of skiing is such a system of movements, with the help of which a skier achieves maximum efficiency of all his actions. Competently chosen and well mastered equipment helps the skier to fully realize their potential and achieve a result corresponding to the level of his physical fitness. Rate skiing technique is possible by the effectiveness of movements and performance; their naturalness and economy.In the classification of skiing techniques, there are more than 50 methods, among which the main ones are the classic course and the ridge.

Classic skiing

The classical ski courses (their traditional designation - "Classik" or "Cl") include:

  • simultaneous moves: one-step, two-step, stepless;
  • alternate moves - two-step and four-step.

The main movement in the classical style has a direction on the diagonal, and the movement forward is implemented by alternate pushing the leg and arm. Skis move parallel to each other. Good skis do not slip back due to the adhesion between the snow crystals and the sliding surface of the ski. It should be noted that the classic ski run is the most convenient when driving outside the ski slopes, so when choosing a tourist ski, you should pay attention to the "classic".

The classic technique makes it possible to use any mountain slopes most safely and naturally for skiing, but it is important to take into account the athlete's training, experience and skill. However, this technique is not suitable for ski slopes. It certainly gives the necessary skills, but special training is needed for the ski slopes, which will be discussed below.

Ridge style

Skate ski runs include:

  • simultaneous moves: one-step, two-step, half-blade;
  • alternate two-step stroke;
  • the ridge course without pushing away by sticks (with a swing and without moves by hands).

Riding skiing is a much younger style, it originated in the 50s of the twentieth century. For a long time, this move was just an exercise for studying turns, pushing off and stepping in a sliding step. As a separate method of skiing, it began to be used thanks to the improvement of the ski slopes and the appearance of plastic skis: this style allows you to develop a higher speed, compared to others, on well-groomed, wide trails. Therefore, in modern competitions, the use of classical and skating ski steps is divided. When moving with the skating way, the actions of the skier are a bit like the actions of a person running on skates - this gave the name to the style.

Let us tell you how to skate skate course. When moving this style, a person pushes the inside edge of one of the skis back and to the side - the so-called ridge support. The weight of the body should be transferred to another ski, which at this moment is sliding.After this, the movement is repeated on the other leg. Repulsion must be done with a sliding ski. When moving with the ridge style, the hands are actively working, repulsion can occur both alternately and simultaneously - in accordance with the rhythm of the legs. There are no ski stops in the ridge cycle, this is another difference from the classic style. There are also options for moving without pushing away with your hands. As a rule, on smooth sections of the route repulsion by hand is performed simultaneously, and on ascents it can be alternating. It depends on the steepness of the climb.


Skiing is the most spectacular sport among all ski styles. Its essence lies in the downhill on a previously prepared track. Of course, this sport can be traumatic for untrained people, but with proper preparation it can bring you a lot of pleasure and fun!

Skiing disciplines are divided into slalom, mogul, ski acrobatics, downhill and many others. Skiing is best mastered with a trainer, but it's easy to learn how to ski on your own, you just need to be careful.It is assumed that the person who decided to learn to ski, is already familiar with other styles: classic and ridge. Therefore, we proceed immediately to the distinctive features of this technique.

A very important element of the ridge style is the rack. She is the key to a safe and comfortable ride. With the right stance, the weight of the skier should be located above the middle of the ski, for turns, small body movements forward and backward are used. When working with feet, the body should remain motionless, in the position of the rack the skier should feel comfortable and relaxed.

Falls and turns on skis

Can I ski without special long preparation? Yes, it is possible, but it will be traumatic. Therefore, it is better to learn a few special techniques that will make your ride comfortable and safe. One of the important skills that a skier should possess, regardless of his style, is the ability to fall. It is both a means to adjust your speed, and a way to keep yourself safe and sound on a bad track. It is best to fall on the side. At the same time it is necessary to spread arms wide.During a fall on a slope it will be safer if the muscles are tense - this will allow you not to slip far. With such drops, it is important to stop the rotation, it is best to roll headlong up - this is also a safety requirement. It is extremely important to work out the falls several times, especially if something does not work out: you need to learn to determine the course of the fall yourself.

Learning turns is not difficult, but without it you can easily get lost in skis and sticks. It is best to study reversals by stepping out of the blue. Sticks are set aside; the heels of the skis should not intersect. Raising socks, you need to make a revolution of about 90 degrees (or more). It is obvious that it is best to begin the step from the foot closest to the direction of the turn. Turn on skiing is done differently. For example, when cut, the skis are put on the edge, and they are directly rotated. It is best to learn this exercise at low speed.

In our article we tried to highlight all aspects of skiing technology. Now you can buy or rent skis and use them easily.It doesn't matter what style you choose - you already know how to learn to ski. It remains to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. Soft snow to you, fast, good track and great mood, which will provide you a walk on skis!

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