How to learn to dance break dance

How to learn to dance break danceBreakdance - street dance style, which originated in the second half of the last century. Now he is one of the most popular among today's youth. In different countries around the world competitions and battles for breakdance are held. Of course, to take part in them you need to be a true professional.


For people who are just starting to try themselves in this direction, it’s enough to start with just basic elements and understand the basic principles. Learn how to learn break dance at home, a video and a detailed description will help you with this.


Break-dance is a complex dynamic dance, which is created from a variety of elements. In this case, all movements that are performed with the help of hands and body, usually called the upper break. And those that are performed by the feet, as well as the power elements, are usually referred to the lower break.


Step-by-step instruction:


1. First, prepare a place for training, where it will be convenient for you to train, free up enough space.The main thing is that you do not interfere. A great option would be a large room with a full-length mirror.
2. Make a training schedule, so it will be more convenient for you to properly allocate time, and you will not forget about classes.
3. Prepare comfortable clothes; sports pants, sneakers and a spacious hoodie or T-shirt are best suited.
4. Find online video tutorials to help you learn about different elements.
5. It is very important at the initial stage to bring yourself into good physical shape. In order to perform complex movements, you need to have excellent training. Therefore, practice a little, do exercises to strengthen the press and arms, as well as the development of flexibility. Squeeze several times from the floor on your palms. After you warm up your muscles, you also need to stretch.
6. Start learning the simplest basic elements, you can master them even without special training. For example, first try to make such a movement as a wave with your hands, and then let the wave all over your body.
7. Learn to make “quality”, it is this element that underlies many movements.
8.When you feel that the muscles are already strong, start doing a handstand. First, it is better to perform this figure near the wall, so that there is additional support. Over time, you can do without it. It will also be useful to learn how to step onto the bridge in order to develop flexibility.
9. Once you learn the basics you need, you can move on to more complex elements.
10. Try to perform all the learned movements in the complex to the music. Make different bundles and combinations.
11. After training at home, go to the dance floor to show your friends their skills.


Now you know how to learn to dance the lower and upper break at home. Of course, at first you may have difficulties, but then, having improved your physical fitness, you will be able to perform more and more different movements. It is very important to learn to dance with pleasure and not to take too long breaks between workouts.


How to learn to dance break dance


Some tips


  • Learn to feel the music, because it lies at the heart of the dance. Listen to different compositions, defining their rhythmic pattern, strong and weak beats.
  • Be patient.It is very likely that at the very beginning you will not succeed. Do not worry, you just need a little more practice and time.
  • Exercise constantly, improving not only your technique, but also working on your fitness.
  • Exercise only in comfortable shoes and clothes. It is important that it does not hold down your movements, and you feel comfortable.
  • You should also learn the basic terms, you must distinguish different elements and know how they are called correctly.


Start with the simplest exercises, and then move on to more complex elements. But remember that not everything can be learned independently. It is not recommended to do too hard movements and racks without a professional trainer. The main thing - do not harm your health.


In addition, it will be useful to sometimes meet other people who are interested in this style. You can discuss the main difficulties, as well as learn from other dancers. Tips from breakdance experts will undoubtedly come in handy and will help you cope with complex elements.

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