How to learn how to quickly type on the keyboard ten-finger method

How to learn how to quickly print on the keyboard ten-finger method?

How to learn how to quickly print on the keyboard ten-finger method?

Time is one of those non-renewable resources, the presence or absence of which directly depends on how they are managed. Quickly typing is probably one of the primary tasks of a beginner or professional copywriter or webmaster, since it is their typing that depends on the speed of their work and how long their working day will be. The faster you can learn to type quickly on the keyboard, the faster you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the “speed dial”.


To learn how to type blind, usually it is not required a lot of time. But, getting on the path of learning the method of fast printing, you should understand that you can go through to the very end only if you fully concentrate on the process. Be ready if you need to push yourself a little, if necessary - “kick”, do not succumb to laziness and move only forward. So, before you continue reading this article, honestly answer yourself the question: are you ready to devote two (or even more!) Weeks to intensive studies?



Ten finger print method




If you are still reading this article, it means that you definitely definitely decided for yourself by all means to learn how to type quickly on the keyboard. Well, then let's get started.


In general, people working at a computer can be divided into two groups:

  • those who type with two or three fingers (usually index fingers) and constantly look at the keyboard;
  • and those who do not even look at the keyboard, because they simply do not have time to keep track of their fingers, which literally “hover” above the keyboard.


If you are wondering how to learn to type quickly on the keyboard, it means that you most likely belong to the first group. When typing with one or three fingers, the typing speed leaves much to be desired, not to mention the fact that the tension of the same fingers for a long time can lead to diseases. Here is another reason to learn to type quickly on the keyboard.


The first thing to remember is the location of the buttons-symbols on your keyboard.At first glance, it is not just difficult, but unrealistically difficult! In fact, it is not. To make things easier for you, we recommend that you memorize one horizontal row and, having coped, move on to the next. It is easy to check yourself: without looking at the keyboard, try to write (albeit slowly, like a turtle!) First, second, third row of characters .... If everything is done without errors, you can proceed to the next stage - work on keyboard simulators.

Hand positioning on the keyboard

Hand positioning on the keyboard


How to learn to type quickly using keyboard simulators




To begin with, you need to decide which training program you will work with. The most popular today are SOLO (adored by office employees), VerseQ, Stamina, and TypingDr. Of course, this is not all options, there are a lot of them, plus online services, but these are the most popular and effective of all.


It is extremely important not to make a mistake with the choice of program, otherwise your desire to learn how to type on the keyboard quickly will fade away, and your fatigue and boredom will be the cause. Speaking objectively, each program has its advantages and disadvantages, and, as you know, the best way to find what suits you is to test it in practice.Nevertheless, not everyone will have the patience to download, install and pass at least one lesson on each program. So we decided to go a different way, immediately choosing the VerseQ simulator program. To some, this may seem somewhat subjective, but in our excuse, we note that with the help of this free simulator a lot of people could learn how to type on the keyboard, and they did it absolutely for free!


How will this program be useful to us? First of all, unlike the popular SOLO, VerseQ teaches not to memorize letters, but whole letter chords, thanks to which you can immediately apply these skills in practice. You will not go mad from the endless pressing of the same keys as in other programs, and the program itself has a very pleasant interface, which is very important for comfortable and enjoyable learning of the ten-finger method of fast typing.


So, the essence of working with the simulator is as follows: in front of you on the screen there appears an alphabetic line that you need to type from the keyboard. As soon as you enter the first character, VerseQ will start statistics on the speed of your typing, as well as the number of errors you made.


After the line is typed, the program will show you statistics on the level of your skill, rhythm and the number of mistakes you made. Study it and keep doing it. Next line, which you will be asked to print, will differ from the first, because the program generated it with the mistakes you made. This is done so that you can remember and correct your own mistakes. When you eliminate all the shortcomings, the program will complicate the level of learning the method of "blind" printing.



Recommendations on how to learn to type quickly on the keyboard



  1. First of all, you need to get used to putting your hands on the keyboard correctly: the fingers of the left hand lie on the letters F-S-V-A, the fingers of the right hand - on O-L-D-G. In this case, the index fingers should cover the letters A and D, respectively. Thumbs up on the space. When you learn to type without looking at the keyboard, you can start working on typing speed.
  2. Do not hurry! Hurry is the main enemy of all newbies. Remember: speed is not the most important task that you need to perform first. Error free printing is more critical.The next stage is the development of the rhythm of the set, and only then speed. High speed dialing comes with experience, and it does not need to learn, but to learn the error-free printing is a must!
  3. Practice on the simulator in a relaxed state. As soon as you feel ready to break on the table, immediately complete the lesson and return to it only after you have a rest, relax, and are full of the desire to learn how to type quickly on the keyboard.
  4. And the last thing: improve your skills, do not stop there.

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