How to keep youth with bio-threads?

Many women think about beauty, but do not want to go under the knife. In search of an alternative to beauty operations, they consult specialists on the subject of thread rejuvenation methods. And the first thing they hear from a cosmetic cosmetologist or surgeon ismesothreads and aptos. Aptos methods are often contrasted with the installation of mesonites, which according to opinion of leading experts in this field is not entirely correct. This view has a number of reasons: Aptos products and mesothreads have different indications for use, are made from different materials and need different levels of qualifications of the attending physician.
We will conduct a more detailed comparative analysis.
Installationmaisonetteis carried out according to a simplified scheme: they are established in the surface layers of the dermis by means of a needle.
Experts strongly recommend using this technology only for the prevention of age-related changes, because the smooth structure of mesoniths prevents their fixation in tissues and does not exclude the possibility of displacement, which makes them not suitable for correcting large areas with active facial expressions.
Aptos threads, thanks to the existing sharp mini-protrusions, they are perfectly fixed in the tissues, fully retain their original position and ensure the maintenance of the desired shape of the tissues, and the corrected zone can be large.

Raw materials for mesothreadsPolydioxanone is a high-quality, safe, suture material, but not having the required mesotherapeutic effect.
The main component of the thread AptosKaprolak is a high-quality, medicine-proven drug. In addition, the composition of the filament includes L-lactic acid - the most powerful stimulator of the renewal processes in cells. During the resorption of caprolac, L-lactic acid ensures a constant rejuvenating effect, and given that the mesothreads are absorbed for 90 days, and the Aptos threads stay for a year - the anti-aging effect of Aptos is much more effective!

Accessibility and ease of use of the mezzanine have in time attracted not only specialists, but alsoscammers.Asian fakesliterally flooded the market, shifting the certified product to the second plan, and the low cost of fakes led to uncontrolled use.Now the installation of mesothreads is offered by almost all institutions working in the field of beauty, even hairdressing salons! The consequences after rendering such a service by non-professionals are very deplorable.
Aptos threads are produced by one company., which has all the relevant certificates and permissions that can be viewed, for example, on the company's website. The company supplies threads exclusively to medical centers involved in aesthetic correction, and only to specialists who have undergone a specialized course, since working with Aptos products requires a high professional level. A specialist who has not purchased a product for more than six months must retake a course on the use of Aptos methods.

Despite the ease of installation of Mesonite, availability, relatively low cost, the use of this method is often ineffective, and sometimes leads to significant negative changes in the appearance of the client. The production of Aptos filaments is centralized (one company), and the control over product quality is systematized, which guarantees an excellent result in improving the appearance, which will pleasantly surprise the most capricious customer.

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