How to install a shower cabin?

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How to install a shower cabin?

At present, the assortment of shower stalls is so diverse that sometimes it can be difficult to figure out a new and unusual system even for an experienced master. But due to the fact that the installation scheme of the shower cabin is not so complicated, and installation of the cabin is quite an achievable task, you can save money by independent installation, without the help of experts, approximately 25% of the total cost of the design. It is clear that this amount is worth the time spent, effort and nerves. In this article, we will try to help you figure out how to properly install a shower cabin.

Installation tools

  • Drill or hammer drill with a set of drills or drills.
  • Construction level, it is better that it was long.
  • A variety of screwdrivers.
  • Wrenches and adjustable wrenches.

Materials for installation

  • Means for sealing plumbing fixtures.
  • Sanitary silicone sealant.
  • Flexible eyeliner for water.

Often, the installation of a shower cabin with your hands is carried out with a partner, since it will be very inconvenient and costly for one to do the entire installation.When you choose and then purchase a cabin, carefully inspect what door opening mechanisms are used in it, according to what principles the parts are fixed, what the moving parts are made of, whether anchors, bolts and nuts for fasteners are used, also check all components and their quality. One of the most important moments is the correspondence of the dimensions of the room in which the booth will be installed, and of course the booth itself. The dimensions should be related in such a way that there is a space of 40-50 cm around the booth. This is required for installation and further maintenance of the shower cabin.

We recommend that you purchase a booth in which the bottom and walls will be further strengthened, this will help avoid difficulties in its further use. When buying, very carefully check that the installation instructions for the shower stall fully coincide with the design scheme. It often happens that the schematic drawing does not coincide with reality.


Immediately before installation, it is advisable to draw a plan for the location of the booth in the room, drawing the actual dimensions.The height is calculated by adding the height of the cabin and the podium on which it will be located. Also do not forget to take into account the space required for installation and subsequent operation.

In a small and cramped room, the installation of a booth is quite problematic, especially if you have no experience in installing such structures. In this regard, it is easier to assemble the booth in a free and convenient place, at this stage without the use of sealants. Consider that the assembled booth has rather large dimensions, and it may not pass through the bathroom door. And if you immediately install all the details on the pallet, the cabin will weigh decently. Therefore, experts recommend to assemble the booth parts, which are then finally assembled into a single unit at the installation site.


Preparation for the assembly of the booth begins with checking the complete set of the device, the presence of all the necessary fittings and fasteners, as well as the safety of all glasses. The installation scheme itself is not complicated:

  • Installation of the pallet.
  • Leveling pallet by level.
  • Installation of side panels and glass.
  • Fastening and connecting communications, handrails, fan and other equipment.

In general, installation is not difficult, and to understand how to install a shower cabin, you just need to have some building skills, an easy hand and sound thinking.

  • The first thing that needs to be done during installation is to fasten the pallet to the legs, having previously twisted into special, located along the edges, seats on it, long studs, which then need to be laid on the supporting frame. The legs are mounted in special grooves located directly on the frame support. All connections and fastenings are done with screws or nuts. Bolting occurs only after securely tightened nut fasteners that connect the pan to the frame supports.
  • The second stage of self-assembly will be the alignment of the legs of the support and the base of the frame to the level. Carefully and carefully expose the legs in accordance with the level. But after that, do not fix the legs tightly, because in the future you will have to adjust them. After installing the frame in the level, you can proceed to the mounting brackets under the screen. It is advisable to install the screen at the very least, because before its direct installation you should connect plumbing and communications, as well as level the booth.When you install the siphon, you can immediately proceed to the assembly of the enclosures of the shower stall.
  • It happens that the booth panels are not marked. Then look for the top of the many holes. Glass panels are often equipped with a grooved edge, with which they are fixed to the fencing arches. When installing it is enough to connect one with another. It is worth noting that several layers of sealant are applied under the glass, but only colorless. Also sealant process and pallet when installing glass fencing. Remember, it is unacceptable that silicone closes the water drainage holes.
  • Your next step is to install the sliding system. Usually the doors in the shower stall are sliding, they are equipped with rollers both from above and below. The upper rollers are adjusting, they must be pushed as high as possible. The lower rollers are pressure type, so they need to be delayed. After you install the shower door, adjust the upper rollers to achieve maximum adherence of the sash to the frame of the booth. Then cover all the connections and screws with decorative plugs and you can assume that most of the work has already been done.
  • The next step is to install the roof of the booth. Before its direct fixing, it is installed lights, watering can, fan and speakers. In order to more firmly fix the surfaces and minimize noise or rattling when all the units are working, it is better to process them with sealant before mounting their edges. Then the shower hose is fed to the nipple of the watering can. After that, proceed to the installation of the cover itself. Installing the cover is done with screws and sealant. The final step is to connect all communications and final leveling of the pallet. After everything is connected, secured and aligned, attach the decorative shower screen to your shower stall.
  • Also, after installation, check the water supply, drain and electricity supply.

How to connect a shower

It is worth noting that it is better to entrust electricity to an experienced electrician in the cabin, you will not pay much money, but everything will be done efficiently. Since during installation and supply of electricity, sockets with grounding are used, various RCD and DIF automatic machines, which, if there is a leakage of electricity to the body of the booth, will be able to turn off the current.The usual power of the booth, provided that it has a hydromassage and a steam generator, is 5 Sq, so you should take this into account in your wiring. Traffic jams should stand more powerful.

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