How to install a driver for sound?

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How to install a driver for sound?

Drivers, as you know, must be installed on any computer. At least if you want a stable and normal operation for your system. As a rule, drivers are installed on the computer immediately after installing the operating system. By the way, you can install them in several different ways. Let's talk about how to install a driver for sound, in more detail.

For a start, it is important to understand that the sound card on your personal computer may be of itself as a separate board - a separate device, or an integrated chip, which is part of the motherboard. Below we will look at three ways of how to install a driver for a sound that will fit both in the first version and in the second one. So say, universal ways.

Method one

  • Open the "Start" menu on your computer, call the context menu (right mouse button) of the "Computer" item, now select the "Properties" item.
  • Follow the link that appears under the name "Device Manager".
  • Expand a category called "Sound, video and gaming devices." Right-click on the "Sound Board" or on the "Unidentified device."
  • Click on the "Update Driver" button and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. You can either choose the path to the drivers. You can have them on one of the local disks or on the disk that came with the sound card. The second option is to search the system driver on the Internet and automatically install it.

Second way

  • Install on your computer a program like Everest or any other similar.
  • Scan your computer and find out the name of your sound device.
  • Turn on the Internet, go to the official website of the company developing your sound card and download the latest drivers.
  • Install them and restart the computer.

Third way

  • You can download from the Internet one of the special programs, for example, "DriverScanner".
  • Install the program and scan your personal computer.
  • Further, the program should determine which of the drivers should be updated or installed.
  • But, she does not only this, but also downloads them herself from the Internet, and also automatically installs on your personal computer.
  • After installing the driver, the computer should be restarted.

Which of the ways to choose, decide for yourself. If one of them does not work, then the other will earn. After each of the tried and tested methods, do not forget to reboot your computer and check the sound after each reboot. There can not be such that none of the methods was not effective. In this case, perhaps, just lies a breakdown in the sound card or in your speakers. Check both for operability.

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