How to inspect the apartment in 2018

Make sure that you are comfortable with the area where the apartment is located, and the location of parking, shops, schools, public transport, etc. Pay attention to the house itself: if its walls are filled with curses, garbage is scattered on the stairs, and in the neighborhood there are people who like to drink, then life in such a house is unlikely to be pleasant. After making sure that the area and the house suit you, proceed to inspect the apartment.
Pay attention to the layout. Of course, in extreme cases, the arrangement of rooms can be changed, some walls can be removed (not bearing) or, conversely, built, however, all this is just an extra waste of money, time and effort. If the layout of the apartment seems unsuccessful to you, do not expect that over time you will get used to it. Better to just keep looking.
Take a look at each room, appreciate the location of the windows and doors. If the windows are covered with massive trees, then the lack of sunlight over time will be felt.If the apartment is cold and dark - perhaps this is not the best option, and you should find another accommodation. Evaluate the condition of the windows themselves: if they are made poorly or too old, it may be very cold in the apartment in the winter. If you do not plan to repair the apartment immediately after purchase and install new windows, then this option will be unacceptable for you.
Be sure to pay attention to the condition of pipes, wiring, batteries, etc. Inspect them very carefully, so that later it does not become clear that the apartment has problems with sewage or that the batteries in it are old and it’s time to change them. Pay attention to the condition of the walls: if you see a fungus on them, it means that a strong dampness reigns in the apartment, and this is fraught with not only material costs for repairs, but also health problems.
Carefully check all plumbing - pipes in the bathroom and in the toilet, the state of the bath, toilet, sinks. Focus your attention on the tile in order to immediately orient yourself, will you change it or do it not necessarily, the one that will last for several years. It would be nice to talk with the neighbors above and below for leaks, etc.
Do not look at the apartment too fast! You may not notice important details. Do not allow the realtor to customize you and do not be tempted to look at several apartments within a couple of hours, because in this case you will surely get confused, tired and not even notice the obvious shortcomings.

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