How to increase the power of the car

Reducing resistance to air flow is the first method. It consists in replacing a conventional air filter with a filter of zero resistance and installing a straight through muffler. After thatpowerincreases by an average of twenty percent. It is worth noting that the method is not cheap, but we will not consider the economic side of the issue here. You can also reduce air resistance by replacing or boring and grinding the intake manifold, reworking the cylinder head, and installing turbocharging.
Optimization of the composition of the working mixture - the second method. It consists in changing the amount of fuel for different modes of operation. It is carried out by increasing the main pressure, adjusting the fuel pressure regulator and changing the program of the electronic control unit (the so-called chip tuning).
Release optimization is the third way. It is to improve the purge of the cylinder by reducing the resistance of the exhaust manifold and muffler (it is best to put a pipe of large diameter).You can also squander the engine block, trim the pistons and replace the crankshaft. But this will require intervention in the mechanical part of the engine, thus you will not be able to receive warranty repair services.

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