How to hem a towel for the kitchen?

In the kitchen, these helpers are always towels. Wash the dishes and wipe so that it is dry or wipe your hands after contact with water.

The sale of a large number of different kitchen towels, a wide selection of fabrics for them. And what if the kitchen is made to order or made so that there is not a ready-made towel for the kitchen set on sale? You can go to the fabric store and choose a material that matches the color of the kitchen and make a towel with your own hands.

The most common fabric for them is waffle fabric. It absorbs moisture well, dries quickly and wipes well. On sale a lot of different patterns and prints.

For towels designed for the kitchen, you can also use flax, bamboo, cotton or terry cloth. What fabric to choose depends on your preferences.

In this master class description of how to hem a towel with your own hands. It is usually hung on a hook, so the towel will have a loop.

Materials and tools:

- terry or waffle 1 m;

- tailor's scissors;

- sewing machine;

- rope (string or satin ribbon);

- tailor pins;

Note: if there is no sewing machine, then you can sew a towel by hand.

Threads are not necessarily in the color of the towel, you can use others to have a contrast.

From 1 meter of fabric you can make 3 small towels or two larger ones.

We take a towel and put it in such a way that we have several identical parts.

Cut to the fold of the fabric. It turns out 3 small little girl.

The edges of the waffle towel split off. Therefore, they must be hemmed.

Bend the edge of the towel, then again, we pin up the tailor pins.

Cut a small piece from the rope. This is the future loop for what to hang a towel. We insert it under the fold and fasten with pins.

Substituting the material under the presser foot. We lower the foot. We are stitching.

This simple way you can hem kitchen towels, spending a small amount of time.

On the eve of the holidays, for example, a new year's holiday or on March 8, you can buy a beautiful cloth and sew original towels to colleagues at work, relatives and friends.A gift from the heart, made with love, will delight and delight!

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