How to go to work after the decree and not go crazy: ask psychologists

But the feeling of carelessness, as before, will not be. Never. And be prepared for this. Now, even in the busiest working days, thoughts of the little one do not leave you for a minute. Have you eaten well? Did you sleep in time? How did you go? God forbid snot! During the first days after returning to work, I was constantly reviewing the photo of my daughter on the phone. Very missed. And on returning home she could pull her close and cry. The most emotional was the first week. Then it becomes noticeably easier.

Unfortunately, HR specialists in Russia rarely think that a young mom needs time to adapt. On the first working day, you are assigned the same duties as other employees. And you are still not in the subject line and you think hard, because you get up at night to feed the child and do not get enough sleep, and you need to leave at 18:00 and not a minute later in order to at least have time to redeem the baby.And it is good if employees treat with understanding your leaving from work on time, and it happens that you cannot do without oblique views. And uncomfortable in front of colleagues, and at the same time you feel guilty in front of the child. And even burst.

How to go to work after the decree and not go crazy: ask psychologists

In Europe, for example, HR specialists have developed regulations on the adaptation of young mothers in the workplace. For example, in the first week a woman is allowed to work part-time or only two or three days a week. Employees are advised in a recommendatory form to support a young mother: to respond in a benevolent tone to all her questions, to offer help in solving work tasks, to treat hospital and time off with understanding.

If you decide to go to work before your child is two years old, I would advise:

  1. If possible, leave the baby is not a nanny, and the grandmother or a close relative. Either the nanny should be checked. Well, so that your heart does not hurt. I could not work a day, knowing that the kid with a stranger. Therefore, at the family council, it was decided that the husband would go on maternity leave! We changed places. Poor! For a month he lost 5 kg. But more about that another time.
  2. On maternity leave we dream of dresses, daily make-up, manicure, styling ... We’ll go to work and then we will live! Nothing like this. As there was no time and effort for yourself, there is no.A working woman with a small child is a squirrel who spins a wheel twice as fast as usual. Therefore, moms, catch the buzz while on maternity leave! This is a great time! No matter what. Honestly!
  3. Guilt feelings among working moms is common. The main thing is to understand for what and for whom you are doing this. If you go out to work, you will worry that you have given little time to the child, if you don’t go out, you will still worry that you didn’t do that, you missed the chance. The eternal theme!
  4. After birth, the body is fully restored only after 2–3 years. The nervous system of a woman all this time is very vulnerable. In general, vitamins, glycine and MgB6 help! It would be nice to add an eight-hour sleep with a massage, but this is when the child goes into the garden.
  5. Save time. Cook for a few days. Freeze cutlets and fish steaks in the freezer. Internet shops - wand-zashchalochka for working moms. Bring products at a convenient time for you. There is no need to go anywhere. Use the services of cleaning companies once a week. It is not so expensive: 1 500 rub. - cleaning of a two-room apartment. But half a day you save. And you can spend the weekend with your family.

And now your questions:

Victoria, 27 years, Moscow:

Hello! A month ago, I came out of maternity leave to work. My son is 2 years old, with a nanny sitting with him. And he does not like a soul in her. When the nanny goes home after work, the son cries. I try to calm him down, take him on my hands, embrace him, but he breaks free and shouts: “No!” One gets the feeling that I am causing the child a complete denial. I am very worried about the fact that the child is drawn to the nurse, and not to the mother. Straight to tears.

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