How to glue a ceiling tile diagonally

The easiest way in the center of the room, in the place of fixing the chandelier, is to make a joint of four tiles. Such an assembly will look most neat and beautiful. To do this, remove the chandelier, and then measure the distance to the near wall from the point of its attachment to the ceiling, while maintaining the right angle (you can use any auxiliary tools, but these measurements should be as accurate as possible). Then we put off the exact same distance from the corner of the room along the wall. As a result, we get a rectangle, one corner of which is aligned with the corner of the room, and the other is right at the place of fixing the chandelier to the ceiling. To ensure that the rectangle is flat, stretch the string. Put a mark on the ceiling with a pencil, and then draw a straight line along it. This will be the markup for the tile sticker.diagonals.
Vacuum or wipe the ceiling.Apply primer on it in two layers, wait until it dries. Buy ceiling glue. Apply it on the back side of the tile with a sufficiently thick layer around the perimeter and one spot in the center. Pay special attention to the edges of the tiles, on which there should be no non-plastered areas. Let the glue dry for 2-3 minutes, and then stick ittileto the ceiling. The most important thing is to stick the very first one as precisely as possible.tile.
If it lies absolutely flat, all the others will be oriented along it, and it will be easier for you to lay out all the tiles neatly. If in the first tile there will be a bevel, then it will be reflected in the whole laying. One corner of the tile must lie clearly at the fixing point of the chandelier, and one of the sides of the tile must absolutely coincide with the marking line. Now press downtileto the ceiling for a minute. Glue the remaining tiles. Orient not on the corner, but on the sides of the tile, which should coincide exactly with each other. The central tiles, which are located around the chandelier, are best glued immediately after each other or at the same time, if possible. So you can fix the styling, if one of the tiles will stand out. After the central square is ready, you can safely glue all the other tiles.

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