How to get up without an alarm clock

The first step for a timely recovery will be a clear understanding of how much time you need to sleep. The number of hours depends on the age and certain physiological characteristics of the person, so at this stage it is necessary to listen to your body. On average, for a good and healthy sleep, people have enough from seven to nine hours.

Next, you need to determine the time for daily recovery in order to properly adjust your biological clock. At the same time, try to ensure that this time is clearly set, otherwise you risk waking up earlier or later than the scheduled date. If the awakening is at the same time, then the body will quickly get used to a given rhythm.

Go to bed for as many hours as you need for a good sleep. The habit of timely lifting directly depends on the time during which you recover to rest: if it is also constant, you yourself will not notice how you forget about the need for an alarm clock.

In order to prepare your body for a timely awakening, for one or two weeks, get up at your scheduled time using an alarm clock, not excluding weekends. Such workouts will rebuild your biological clock to the rhythm you need, which will help you wake up independently and easily.

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