How to get rid of scars

How to get rid of scarsThey say that scars color men. Maybe this is so. But women of this kind of "decoration" is not quite to the face. They are the ones most often wondering how to get rid of scars. Let's talk about it.


To get rid of scars and superficial scars it is possible by means of chemical peeling procedure. But this method is effective only for shallow scars. Otherwise, experts will offer you to choose from the following procedures.


  • Dermabrasion. This is quite an aggressive procedure, consisting in the mechanical grinding of the skin. The birthplace of dermabrasion is considered ancient Egypt. It was there that the first time in order to get rid of the scars used analogues of modern emery paper. Now technologies have made great strides, and for this they use cleansing and antiseptic agents. For grinding doctors use a tool with a rapidly rotating wheel. The scar is quickly "wiped out" very quickly, and a new layer of skin grows on the place of grinding for a long time. So get ready that at first the place of the operation will be covered with a rather thick layer of peel, under which new and beautiful skin grows. Places of the procedure should be lubricated with healing creams and use a special mask. The healing process usually lasts several weeks.
  • Subsidy. Also an aggressive procedure. In the case of subsection, the scar is separated from the deep layers of the skin. As a result, the damaged area is quickly filled with blood to regenerate tissue and a crust forms. In this case, the scar or scar is aligned. The skin becomes smooth again. Most often, this procedure is carried out in conjunction with the above dermbraziya and laser therapy, which will be discussed further.
  • Laser therapy. This method of getting rid of scars is not considered aggressive. Laser therapy removes the microscopic layer of the skin. In place of the damaged area of ​​the skin grows new. From scars and scars is not not the slightest sign. People with dark skin should not have laser therapy. In this case, new skin will be noticeably lighter, like pigment spots.But even despite this not quite pleasant moment, the procedure of laser therapy is very popular. It is hoped that modern technologies will soon be able to solve this problem.
  • Augmentation. In this procedure, a person is injected with his own fat or collagen. As a result of augmentation, the skin surface is leveled. Usually, not one or two procedures are performed to completely get rid of the scars. The whole process lasts a very long time - at least six months. So methods to completely get rid of deep scars and scars will not succeed, but noticeably even the surface of the skin to turn out.

How to get rid of scars



How to get rid of scars after surgery.



Postoperative scars cause discomfort not less than traumatic. And women are looking for ways to get rid of them. Some girls do it easier. At the place of the scar make a tattoo. But in this way there are also "pitfalls". The damaged area is tightened with a thinner layer of skin. It can be re-damaged or infected. And this is another headache no less serious than a scar or scar.


Best of all other experts know how to get rid of scars after surgery, dermatologists and cosmetologists.First of all, you should contact them. Perhaps you will pick up the ointment against scars and scars. This does not completely save you from the effects of surgery, but it will somewhat smooth out the scars and make them less noticeable. Perhaps some of the above procedures will be assigned. It will all depend on the size of the scar and your financial capabilities.


You can try out some ways of traditional medicine. How to get rid of scars at home it will be a little later. The main thing is not to engage in outright self-medication advertised means. Without the supervision of doctors, you can achieve such a result, which then will be ashamed to go out into the street. Only a dermatologist can prescribe a set of measures aimed at getting rid of scars and scars.


How to get rid of scars



How to get rid of scars at home.



There are plenty of ways to get rid of scars at home using traditional medicine methods. Not all of them are effective, as well as not all are safe for health and especially skin. The question of how to get rid of scars at home has interested girls and women since ancient times.This is the reason for such a variety and number of ways. Of all this, the answer is both offering the safest and most effective.


  • From one gram of mummy and a tube of baby cream by mixing a mask is prepared and applied to the damaged area of ​​skin. After half an hour, the ointment must be removed. The removal course is about two weeks. The most important thing is not to keep such a mask on the body for too long and not to be mistaken in proportions.
  • For two weeks, apply on the damaged area of ​​the skin a mask of blue clay, diluted with water to a state of very thick cream. After 10… 15 minutes, after the clay on the skin dries, remove the mask.
  • Another recipe mask. But it can cause a burning sensation. If this happens, then do not use it. Mix one tablespoon of nutmeg with two tablespoons of honey. Apply this mask carefully to the damaged area.


How to get rid of scars at home


We talked about how to get rid of scars. She is very topical for both girls and guys. It should be remembered that you should not engage in self-medication. Consult a doctor. Only in this way you can finally get rid of scars and scars.

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