How to get rid of dandruff?


Is there white snow on your hair and it doesn't melt? This dandruff is an unpleasant scalp disease that manifests as dry or oily flakes of white or yellowish color. In addition, the disease is accompanied by an unpleasant itching of the skin. At the first signs of dandruff, it is necessary to begin treatment.

It is better to start treatment with home remedies for dandruff.

The best dandruff remedies at home

Dandruff is the result of activation of the processes of vital activity of the fungus, which lives on the skin of the head in all people. Any disruption in the operation of the sebaceous glands is the catalyst for the initiation of the process of active multiplication of these microorganisms. Another reason for dandruff is favorable conditions. As a result, the scalp becomes excessively greasy or dry.

How to get rid of dandruff?

There are 2 types of dandruff:

- Fat. It is formed as a result of increased secretion of the scalp;

- Dry. If you often wash your hair and use hair dryers, curling irons and other devices to shape hair into hairstyles, you can dry your scalp and make dry dandruff.

Oily dandruff is different from dry in that its scales are yellowish in color, sticky and have an unpleasant odor. Dry dandruff is more like talc.

To choose the right recovery course of procedures, you need to find out what type of dandruff you have.

Homemade masks for itching and dry dandruff

If the epidermis and hair is dry, then they need extra food. The hair moisturizers will help you. They will restore balance and clean the skin from flakes of dandruff and itchy sensations.

Agave with honey.

This combination is known to many people. Someone treats cough with these components, and someone makes masks for the skin of the face. As for aloe and honey to nourish hair and get rid of dandruff - this recipe was familiar to our grandmothers. Squeeze the juice from 1 leaf aloe, mix with 2 tbsp. melted honey and drive in chicken yolk. Mass rub on the scalp in a circular motion and make a wrap of cellophane and fabric. Leave the mask on your head for up to half an hour. Rinse under running water with shampoo. If you want to improve the tool, include in the recipe 1 tbsp. mayonnaise and 2 tbsp. oils (olive or corn).

Wraps with butter.

Few have heard of the healing properties of burdock oil. There are many masks based on burdock oil to eliminate dry dandruff. To achieve the best effect, before applying the oil should be heated above the steam. In addition, in this case, you definitely need a compress - cellophane and warm fabric. Burdock masks leave on hair for 20-30 minutes.

How to get rid of dandruff?

Lemon and yolk.

Lemon juice is an antibacterial agent that can cope with many problems of the skin and hair. If you take 0.5 lemon juice, add 2 chicken yolks, and 3 tablespoons. burdock oil, get a real elixir of health for your hair and epidermis. This remedy can stay on the skin for up to 1 hour or more.

Birch buds.

For dry dandruff, infusions and decoctions of herbs help in combination with other components. To prevent the development of the disease, you can brew birch buds and use the decoction as a conditioner after washing your hair. In the same way, you can use nettle, burdock root or chamomile as a medicine for dandruff. To do this, pour three liters of boiling water over 3 tbsp. herbs.You can take fresh plants, if there were not any, buy dried pharmacies.

Onions and oak bark.

For preparation of means, take zhmenyu onion peels and 2 tsp. oak bark. Pour mixture of 2 liters. water and languish on low heat for half an hour. Strain and rub into the head like a mask. To do this, soak all hair and skin in the mixture and wrap it with cellophane and scarf. Be careful! The tool can not be applied to people with blond hair!

Linden and chamomile.

For the preparation of medicinal composition, you can take each component separately, or mix them in equal proportions. 1 liter. boiling water pour 2 tbsp. vegetable components and let it brew in a warm place. Throw it over a fine sieve and use it as a rinse aid after washing the ringlets.

How to get rid of dandruff?

Mint and carrots.

For the composition will not need carrots root, and its upper part - tops. Take a bunch of leaves, add a bunch of fresh mint to the pan or 2 tablespoons. dry, pour boiling water and let it soak for 1 hour (under a warm cloth). Use for washing hair after bath and detergent. In the cooled mixture, you can add a tablespoon of natural lemon juice.

Vodka with oil.

Take 50 grams of vodka (not alcohol), add 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil (burdock, castor).The mixture is ground to a uniform consistency and heated in a water bath. Only then can it be applied to the hair and scalp for 20 minutes.

Kefir and yogurt.

Our grandmothers also knew that the best cure for dry dandruff is fermented milk products. You can take kefir, sour milk, yogurt, ginger. It does not matter which of these products you decide to use as a medicine for dandruff, the main thing is that it must be preheated. Make this mask the same as others. The exception is that you do not need to wrap your head. But these masks have a significant drawback - a specific smell. However, if you have a desire to rid yourself of dandruff, a week can be patient.

Sea buckthorn and oil.

You need to take half a glass of sea buckthorn juice (with pulp and bones), add 3 tbsp. burdock oil and rub the mixture into the head every other day. It is necessary to wash the mask with water in which lemon juice or apple cider vinegar is diluted (for 1 liter of water, 1 tsp of oxidizer).

Dandruff is fat. Treatment with folk remedies

Fast effect in the treatment of this type of dandruff will not succeed.But if you decide to spend a couple of months on recovery, the result will be lasting. In addition to improving the condition of the skin of the head, your hair will become silky and beautiful.


For the preparation of tools need powder besyaga. In a glass of boiled cool water you need to add 1 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide (or boric acid). Mix the ingredients and heat a little. Rub the composition into the scalp until a characteristic burning sensation. The mask should be left on the head for up to half an hour. If it is unbearable, stop the procedure and rinse off the product with warm water. This recipe will help get rid of dandruff and normalize sebaceous excretions. The mask can not be used more than 2 times a week.

Fruit vinegar.

If the house is not grape or apple vinegar, you can replace them with the usual. Make a decoction of nettle:

- 1 tbsp. nettle (you can cut fresh, but dried) will do;

- 250 ml. boiling water.

Pour nettle with boiling water and put in a water bath for 5-10 minutes. Leave to stand for half an hour. Strain and cool to room temperature.

On a glass of broth add a tablespoon of vinegar. Rub a warm mixture into the skin and make a compress - cellophane and warm fabric.Keep the product on the skin can be 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. It is necessary to use this mask before each washing of the head.

How to get rid of dandruff?


It should be noted that the mask of beets can not be used often. The coloring properties of the vegetable will give your hair a pinkish tint. The use of this tool is not particularly recommended for blondes. The mask of beets eliminate itching and burning caused by dandruff. It can be alternated with other means.

Grate the beets on a fine grater and squeeze the juice. Fresh juice to lubricate the scalp.


The negative side of this remedy is a specific smell. However, if the desire to cure your hair and skin from seborrhea above unpleasant sensations, it is recommended to make a mask of garlic. Rub the garlic cloves into the mush and rub into the head. Try to carry out the procedure on Friday or Saturday at night, so that the next day you do not need to communicate with people. The smell, of course, will not disappear in two days, but will disappear a little.

Hops, calendula and burdock.

In order to get rid of dandruff with this tool, you must be patient. The course of treatment should last at least 2 months (2-3 times a week). To prepare the composition will need:

- hop cones - 3 tbsp. L .;

- Burdock root - 4 tbsp.

- Calendula flowers - 2 tbsp.

Pour boiling water (3 l.) Mixture of herbs and simmer for 10 minutes. Let the herbs stand for another hour, strain. Rub into the head. It is possible to add 1 glass of broth in 3 liters of water and to apply as a conditioner to hair after washing.

How to get rid of dandruff?

Herbal conditioner.

Any dandruff remedy at home will bring the desired effect only if after applying masks and compresses to rinse hair with infusions of herbs. For the preparation of infusions and decoctions suitable the following plants:

- Chamomile;

- Hypericum;

- Thyme;

- succession;

- Nettle;

- Tansy and others.

You can use herbs separately, and you can make a herbal collection and prepare a real vitamin cocktail for skin and hair.

Fresh vegetables and fruits.

You can take any fresh vegetables or fruits and make them a gruel. With this compound, rub the scalp for 20-30 minutes. This mask is done 3-4 times a week. Fruits and vegetables need the following:

- Cucumbers;

- Strawberry;

- Currant;

- Tavern;

- Pumpkin.


Many women have long learned to get rid of dandruff using a proven tool - henna.The only drawback is that it has a strong coloring property. If you are ready to dye your hair red, then you need to buy a bag of henna and do everything according to the instructions described on the package. If you mix henna with basma, you get black.

How to get rid of dandruff?


Agarum (aloe) has a strong antifungal effect. Its juice, along with the pulp, can be rubbed into the head for 20-30 minutes. After a course of treatment that continues until the symptoms of the disease completely disappear, dandruff will disappear without a trace, and the sebaceous glands will work with less activity.

Onion juice.

As well as garlic, the smell of the field of procedures with onion juice from the hair will not be very pleasant. However, the effect will be persistent and lasting. In pure form, onion juice can not be used, it is diluted in a 1: 1 ratio with boiled warm water. You can rub your head for 15-20 minutes. There may be a strong burning sensation. In this case, the procedures need to be replaced by others.

Homemade masks for the treatment of dry and oily dandruff

There are tools that are suitable for the treatment of dry and oily dandruff.

Yolk and alcohol.

To prepare the mask, you must take the following components:

- Tar birch - 2 tsp;

- Alcohol (90%) - 0.5 stack;

- Yolk - 1 pc .;

- Kefir - 2 tbsp;

- Castor oil - 2 tbsp.

All components mix and rub into the head. Wash off the mask after 30 minutes with warm water and detergent. The course of treatment is 2 months (4 times a week).


Requires a shell of young walnuts. Peel off the peel, chop and pour vodka. At 3 tbsp. shells need to take 0.7 liters. of vodka. The mixture is placed in a cool dark place for 10 days. Strain and rub into the scalp before washing. You can not use this tool blondes. His hair darkens.

How to get rid of dandruff?

Rye bread.

Take a real rye bread to make a mask. The higher the content of rye flour in the composition, the better. Cut the bread into small pieces, cover with warm boiled water. After half an hour, rub it into the mush and rub into the head. Leave the mask for half an hour, then rinse with warm water. This remedy works especially well on oily dandruff.

Homemade shampoo

The following ingredients are necessary for preparation of means:

- Egg yolk - 2 pcs .;

- Linseed oil - 2 tbsp. L .;

- Rum - 2 tbsp.

All components are mixed and used as a means of washing hair. Well this mask helps from dry dandruff.

If you decide to completely and irrevocably defeat dandruff, try to help your body cope with the disease by taking in the medicinal infusions and mixtures. This can be done in conjunction with those masks that you already use. For example, if you mix red wine (1 bottle), natural honey (3 tablespoons), and aloe juice (5 tablespoons), you will get a real elixir of health. The tool should be taken on 1 tablespoon once a day.

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