How to get rid of black dots on the nose at home

Black dots are common acne that is not covered in skin. Since they have free access to air, oxidation of the outermost layer leads to darkening. It is bad for the beauty of the face. That's why many are very interested in how to get rid of black dots on the nose at home.

There are many popular techniques that cope with black dots. I hope that the advice will help to quickly fix the problem.

  • . Suitable non-toxic glue as PVA. First steam the face, then on the black dots or comedones, apply a layer of glue. After waiting for drying, carefully remove the film.
  • ANA acids. Buy a cream in which acids are present. Layer of cream to cover the skin with dots. This will remove dead cells and cleanse the pores. After 72 hours, repeat the procedure. In case of severe irritation, stop using the cream.
  • Extrusion. Initially, heat the skin to expand the pores and facilitate the extrusion process. A warm shower will also help. Squeeze the skin on which the dark spots are located.The method can be used to remove points that have not yet had time to take root.
  • Cleansing Milk. Before going to bed, the face covered with a cleansing milk should be slowly massaged for ten minutes. Then problematic areas covered with petroleum jelly. In the morning, squeeze everything out of pores and wash.
  • Cotton swabs. Using a scrub, get rid of dead skin cells. After face blot with a towel and make a compress. Then again get wet face and use your fingers to squeeze out black dots. To protect the skin from scratches and damage to your fingers put a small cotton swabs.
  • Toothpaste. Apply a toothpaste to the toothbrush. After moistening the brush and the problem area, apply toothpaste on comedones. Brush gently massage the skin. Upon completion of the procedure, boil the brush. Repeat the procedure daily until the dots disappear.
  • . A little bit of high-quality honey heat up and put on black dots. After a quarter of an hour honey wash off. How to choose honey, read on our website.
  • Egg white. Separated from the yolk protein carefully beat and gently apply on face. Put two layers of toilet paper on top and wait for it to dry.Then carefully remove the paper and rinse your face.
  • Olive oil. First wash. Then apply a little toothpaste and as much olive oil as possible on a rag. To wipe the skin with a moist rag, to massage the face a little and after about five minutes to wash thoroughly.
  • . Put a hot towel on your face for about a third of an hour. Then, thoroughly wash with the use of natural cleanser, close the pores with cool water and apply a layer of moisturizer. In the skin with dots for five minutes, rub alcohol. Vodka or brandy will do.
  • Salt and lemon juice. It is recommended to mix the ingredients in equal quantities and apply the mixture to problem areas. After drying, gently rinse the mixture.
  • A tomato. Fresh vegetable cut in such a way that easily covers the curves of the face. Thoroughly washed, put the tomato on areas with dots and leave for a quarter of an hour. Then wash and wash your face with a towel.
  • Gelatin with milk. Spoon gelatin pour a spoonful of milk and mix. Send the mixture to the microwave for a quarter of a minute and spread the affected area of ​​the face with it.After the mixture dries, carefully remove the resulting film with comedones.
  • Toothpaste with salt. Properly moisturize face. Otherwise, the mixture will stick. Mix one part of salt with four parts of toothpaste and cover the skin with the resulting solution. After five minutes, remove and wash the product.

All the popular ways that I shared, provide for the use at home of the most simple tools and products. If they do not help, go to the pharmacy for medicines.

Before you buy drugs, go to a doctor for advice to find the best strategy for dealing with black dots on your nose.

Getting rid of black dots on the nose

The problem faced by both women and men. All the dirt that accumulates in the pores. It is impossible to get rid of comedones forever, because sebum is produced constantly. You have to constantly clean the pores to make the points almost invisible.

I will tell you how to get rid of black dots on the nose at home. The ways I share are effective and easy to use.

  1. Steam bath. Pay attention to the deep cleansing of the pores.For this ideal simple steam bath of herbal decoctions. You can moisten a clean cloth in the broth and attach to the nose for a dozen minutes. Next, remove the fabric, and on the prepared nose stick a cleaning strip. If there is no such strip, do it yourself.
  2. Cleaning strip. In a glass container, mix one spoonful of milk and gelatin. Send the mixture in the microwave for ten minutes. After cooling, put the finished product on the nose with a decent layer. After solidification, and it will take about 20 minutes, remove the mixture from the nose. The dirt that filled the pores will remain on the film. At the end, narrow the pores by rubbing the nose with lotion.
  3. Ascorbic acid. Rubbing the nose with ascorbic acid will help minimize the visibility of dark spots. Open the ampoule and a cotton swab to treat the nose. Suitable and diluted lemon juice. When mixed, the amount of water corresponds to the volume of the juice.
  4. Kefir. To conduct an effective struggle with the points allows and kefir. The product contains lactic acid, which perfectly dissolves impurities and cleans the face. Apply fermented milk product on comedones, leave for five minutes and rinse your face with water.
  5. Turmeric and coriander. An excellent remedy for black “pixels” is a mask made from turmeric and coriander juice. With the help of natural products will quickly solve the problem of contaminated pores. One part of turmeric is combined with two parts of the juice of coriander and mixed. Compose a daily face.
  6. Oat flakes. Beautiful "brush" for the face. Thoroughly chop three tablespoons of flakes and, making water, make a mush. Apply the mask for half an hour. While washing off, gently massage the problem areas. This will remove the black dots and become younger.
  7. Cucumber lotion. Two parts of cucumber juice pour one part of alcohol. Ready composition to use for rubbing the nose and the entire face.
  8. Calendula lotion. An equally effective drug is made by mixing a tablespoon of calendula with a glass of mineral water. Use home lotion at night.
  9. Vitamin lotion. Prepares easy. In a stack of hot water dissolve two tablets of vitamin "C".
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Remember, most often the black dots bother people who consume fatty foods, drink coffee and alcohol. Before starting the fight with the misfortune, get rid of bad habits and revise the diet.

The fastest ways to get rid of black dots

The skin is dry, oily or normal. As practice shows, only units have perfect skin. The rest of the people are constantly faced with black dots.

How to get rid of black spots on the face quickly? The question is a topic of discussion among people who care about beauty. Let's look at quick ways to solve a problem without the cost of buying expensive cosmetics.

  • Face cleaning. To begin to steam the face, which will improve the effect. Then disinfect the skin and the core of a conventional ballpoint pen using boric alcohol. Alternately cover the rod with dark dots. It is recommended to gently press and carry out rotational movements to remove the plugs. After the procedure, the face is wiped with an antiseptic.
  • Strips against comedones. Paste onto previously steamed and disinfected skin, and after drying, remove with a sharp movement. As a result, almost all the dirt remains on the surface of the strip. After the procedure, treat the skin with an antiseptic. Tincture of calendula or chamomile is perfect for this. Alternatively suitable boric alcohol and emollient cream.
  • Stainless steel extractor. The device is called "Uno spoon".Spread out the skin and remove the black dots using the device. Conduct on the face with insignificant pressure. After the procedure, apply a soothing mask of clay or vegetables on the skin.
  • ethnoscience. Make a healing lotion by mixing three drops of tea tree oil with a spoonful of boiled water. The composition is to wipe the face twice a day.
  • Extrusion. To steam the face and squeeze the points with your fingers, previously wrapped them with a bandage dipped in tea tree oil. If you do not know, oil has a disinfectant property.
  • Mask of honey and green tea. To prepare, take a spoonful of green tea, a spoonful of honey, two spoons of sugar and a small spoonful of homemade apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture onto the face and rinse after twenty minutes.

It’s impossible to get rid of black dots forever. However, peeling in tandem with salicylic acid, which is contained in cosmetics, helps to prevent the appearance. These methods remove excess fat from the skin. People with oily skin and large pores use caution.

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Black dots cause much less problems than ordinary acne, no one likes their presence.They make the skin unkempt and extremely untidy. It is not surprising that many want to get rid of them.

The appearance of dark spots is a consequence of blockage of the sebaceous glands due to dust, keratinized skin cells and sebum. Under the influence of air clogged pores darken and turn black.

Proper skin care along with the elimination of the causes of the points will make their appearance extremely rare.

A list of problem areas where the points appear most often is represented by the forehead, nose and nose. Procedures focused on cleaning the face, help to quickly get rid of the points. But, if the skin does not care, they will return.

I will pay special attention to the reasons for their appearance.

  1. Bad skin care. Often the reason for the appearance of comedones is low-quality cosmetics and the lack of constant purification.
  2. Impaired bowel function. The use of sugary and fatty foods contributes to the appearance of ailments of the digestive system. This is manifested on the face by clogged sebaceous glands.
  3. Abnormal drinking and coffee. Drinks badly affect the condition of the skin. Women who have weakness for them are much more likely to face the problem.
  4. Smoking and hormonal jumps. It leads to an imbalance of hormones in the body, which adversely affects the condition of the skin of the face.
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That ended the article how to get rid of black dots at home. I hope that the information is useful and will help. I wish you good health and clear skin on your face.

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