How to get rid of ants on peonies

For a long time, the ants were not destroyed, believing that the appearance of an insect would mark the imminent flowering of the peony. However, ants appear for a completely different purpose. First, they want to enjoy a blooming delicacy, and second, to provide their family with nutrients. As a result of their long stay on a bush, peonies lose some of their juice, the integrity of the structure of their leaves, cups, and in some cases of shoots is disturbed. Not always the plant can independently cope with "wounds", and as a result the bush may not perish, but it will not bloom fully.

Experienced growers advise periodicallygrease peon stalks with petroleum jelly, since the ants do not tolerate its smell, or set traps with petroleum jelly.

Some prefer more radical ways: take any sweetness, drop 1-2 drops of boric acid on it and place it on an ant path or in close proximity to a peony.Boric acidparalyzes the life of the insect and soon it dies.

For spraying peony from ants, they prepare the following solution: take any fragrant grass (wormwood, lavender, parsley, mint, marigold sprigs, etc.) pour boiling water and infuse for an hour and a half, then filter and cool. The resulting solution is abundantly sprayed on the plant, and the remains are poured onto the ground around the flower. Repeat spraying is recommended at least once every three days.

Ants absolutely can not stand the smellgarlic, therefore, it is possible to decompose several garlic cloves around the plant or rub the peony stalks with juice.

To prevent the appearance of ants on the site, you need to follow some measures: construction debris, food waste or scattered sweets should not be. Insects quickly find out about the availability of food and lead the entire colony.

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