How to get rid of a cold with the help of folk remedies

Surely many of us sometimes suffer from a cold. This disease causes not only difficulty in breathing, but also interferes with fruitful work, affects sleep, causes many unpleasant sensations.

A runny nose may be due to allergies or colds.diseases. Get rid of it with medications that do not always have the desired effect. In addition to special remedies for the treatment of rhinitis, medicinal herbs are also used, they use their own tinctures made from them.

We offer you a few popular ways of dealing with a cold:

1. Juice aloe. With it, you can very quickly get rid of a cold. Should dig injuice at least five times a day in each nostril for 3-4 drops. After the procedure, you must also massage the wings of the nose.

2. Vegetable oil and the usual extract of wild rosemary.Mix 1 gram of wild rosemary and 9 grams of vegetable oil. Well steamed in the oven cooked mixture, cool and bury two times a day.

3.mentholoil is an effective remedy for the common cold. Lubricate them forehead, temples and the nose itself, as well as bury 3-4 drops throughout the day in each nostril.

4. Infusion of calendula and eucalyptus with a small amount of salt, add to warm water and rinse the nose with the solution. To do this, pour the liquid into a bowl, lean over it and draw in the solution with your nostrils alternately so that you can release it with your mouth. In this way, the nose can be washed several times a day, taking 4-5 breaths with a solution. Blow your nose well after the procedure.

5. Moisten gauze in an alcohol solution of capsicum and wrap legs. Put warm socks over gauze and go to bed. Blow your nose after sleep.

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