How to get a loan in the Bank of Moscow

Visit the website of the BankMoscow. On the main page of the site pay attention to the menu, designed in the form of color file separators used by secretaries and office workers. The first of the sections of the green color, it is called "Individuals", select the first submenu "Credits".
Choose the type of lending that suits you best. BankMoscowoffers the following programs: "Cash loan", "Fast Credit", credit cards, offers to buy a car and mortgage. Each loan program implies special conditions for the provision of money and requirements for the borrower. For example, under the program "Cash Loan" you can get up to 3,000,000 rubles for a period of up to 5 years. To do this, you must submit to the bank an application for the provisioncredit, passport, additional document, for example, passport or driver's license. At the same time, the bank makes demands on the potential borrower: the person must havepermanent registration in the region of issuecredit, must be over 21 years old, but not older than retirement age.
Fill out an application for receiptcreditunder the program "Fast Credit" or "Cash Loan". It is presented in PDF format, includes 6 sheets. Applications for registrationcreditfor the purchase of a car can be found in the corresponding section. Fill out the application on the computer or manually. Collect the necessary documents to obtaincreditaccording to the selected program.
Contact your Bank branch convenient for you.Moscow, a full list of offices you can find on the website. Give the bank employee a full package of documents. The bank will decide whether to give youcreditaccording to the chosen program for a maximum of 5 days. In the case of a positive decision, a bank employee will contact you and invite you to the office to draw up an agreement.

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