How to gain weight in diabetes

Most often, people who have diabetes mellitus form 1 lose weight dramatically. In this case, the cells of the body do not receive enough insulin: although the blood glucose level can be high, this glucose does not enter the cell, but instead is excreted with the urine from the body . As a result, a person loses weight sharply. But it happens that weight loss accompanies and diabetes form 2. ToatTake any measures to change weight, first determine what kind of diabetes you have, consult with doctors. Listen to the advice of the endocrinologist: he will give all the necessary recommendations on diet and composition of products. You should learn to control the level of sugar in the body.
Try to get your body insulin in the amount that it needs. In severe cases, you will be assigned a full-fledged diet with an increased number of calories.
Make a clear list of food for yourself, dividing them conditionally into three parts: one part - important and necessary products, the other - you can eat, but in limited quantities, and the third - never eat.You will see that the first list is quite impressive.
The properties of individual products are similar to the properties of insulin, which means that they may be necessary components of your diet. Eat garlic, soybeans, green raw vegetables, Brussels sprouts, sprouted wheat germ, linseed oil. Exhausted people with a lack of insulin are recommended to eat natural honey - a source of many useful substances, and also to drink goat milk. Try to understand exactly how food of various groups affects your condition. An important step towards healing is good awareness.
Eat more often, preferably five or six times a day. Diversify your food.
Keep in mind that you need a properly formulated diet. Try to make a daily menu, taking into account the percentage of fat, protein and carbohydrates and the calorie content of your food. In your dietatabout a third should be fat, about 20% - proteins, the rest - carbohydrates. If weight is dramatically reduced, youatIt is necessary to increase daily caloric content. In addition, distribute the carbohydrate load so that it is even throughout the day.

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