How to freeze white mushrooms for the winter, ways to freeze with photos

How to freeze white mushrooms for the winter, ways to freeze with photos

How to freeze white mushrooms for the winter, ways to freeze with photos

Freezing allows you to save all the nutritional, taste properties, as well as the magnificent aroma of boletus, which can be enjoyed throughout the year.


There are several ways to freeze porcini mushrooms, consider one of them:

  1. First you need to rinse the mushrooms in cool water, clean all the dirt and rinse again. It is recommended to separately deal with young and old mushrooms. The latter are more suitable for stewing or frying, but young mushrooms are ideal for soup.
  2. Peeled mushrooms must be cut on the cutting board into thin slices, the thickness of each should not exceed 4 mm. It is advisable to try each mushroom to the taste, and if it is bitter, do not use it for freezing.
  3. If the mushrooms are young, but slightly wormy, they can still be used for freezing.To do this, put them in a solution of salt water for half an hour, then remove and rinse. All worms will remain in salty water. If the fungi are strongly wormy, then they will not fit to freeze.
  4. After that, you need to put a pot with salted water on the fire and dip the mushrooms into it. It is recommended to boil them for no more than 7 minutes. At the same time, their volume will significantly decrease, which will save space in the freezer.
  5. Ready mushrooms must be put in a colander, and let the water drain.
  6. After that, you can lay out the mushrooms in bags or containers. It should be borne in mind that when they freeze, they will increase in volume, so the containers do not need to be filled to the top.
  7. It remains only to put the mushrooms in the freezer and lower the temperature in it for a while. After that, mushrooms should be stored at a temperature not lower than -18 degrees.


How to freeze white fungus raw

How to freeze white mushrooms for the winter, ways to freeze with photos


To do this, you also need to collect mushrooms, rinse them thoroughly and cut into slices, as described in the first method. After cutting, they need to be dried well so that they do not stick together during freezing and will not lose their appearance. After that, it is necessary to divide the mushrooms into portions and decompose into containers or sachets.In this case, the containers should be filled completely so that there is no room for air. It remains only to put the mushrooms in the freezer.


How to freeze fungi in fried form


For this you need:


  1. Mushrooms, rinse, peel and cut into slices.
  2. After that, they need to fry in vegetable oil. It is necessary to fry until all the liquid is evaporated from the mushrooms, and their color does not turn into golden-ruddy.
  3. Do not add salt and pepper when frying. This should be done when the dish is already prepared from frozen mushrooms.
  4. After frying, the mushrooms must be spread on a tray in a thin layer so that they cool and dry.
  5. After that, they need to decompose into bags or containers, and send in the freezer.


All frozen mushrooms are stored for 8 to 12 months. Therefore, boldly throughout the winter you can cook fragrant dishes from frozen mushrooms. By the way, after freezing, mushrooms are suitable for cooking various dishes, just like freshly picked mushrooms, including mushroom soup, and julienne, and casserole, as well as many other things. Such a semi-finished product will be a real salvation for housewives, and will delight the whole family with its taste.


How to freeze white mushrooms for the winter, ways to freeze with photos


It is important to know that raw frozen mushrooms should not be thawed before cooking. It is best to immediately send them from the freezer to the pan or pan. But the boiled or fried frozen mushrooms are best defrosted before cooking. But this should be done not in the microwave, but in the refrigerator.

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