How to fix crooked nails?

Beautiful nails are an indicator of elegance and femininity. But if their form is different from the ideal, it can be corrected.

How to change the shape?

So, how to align the curves of the nails? There are several ways.

Help doctors

Medical care is required not so much for the wrong form of nails, but for its consequences, namely, ingrowth. The main methods of correction:

  • If the nail has an irregular shape and often grows on the leg, then the surgeon may recommend the use of special devices - plates or staples. This bracket is worn directly on the nail plate and attached to its edges. It turns out that the nail is slightly bent, and the skin moves away.
  • Laser Correction. It is also used for ingrown toenails and involves the partial dissection of the nail bed. Although this method is not conservative, it involves minimal and, importantly, painless intervention.

We select the correct form

How to choose a suitable form? It will depend on the characteristics and "native", that is, the existing shape of the nail bed.


  • If the nail box is square, then the marigolds themselves are best made square. Edges can be both pointed and strongly pronounced, or slightly smoothed and rounded.
  • With a trapezoidal nail bed, ideal forms will be round and oval. In this case, the nails should be of medium length.
  • If they are short and the well is round, then you should pay attention to the soft rounded shape.
  • If the nail beds are narrow, then do not grow long nails and sharpen them, this will only exacerbate the situation. The ideal option is a medium length and a rounded shape.
  • If the nail bed is wide, but the same length, you can choose an oval, pointed or rectangular shape with rounded edges.
  • If the nail bed narrows to the edge, then you can make your nails oval, leaving corners. Also suitable oval or pointed shape.

You can give your nails the correct shape using scissors, a nail file, nail clippers, as well as a polishing bar. First cut them, then remove all the excess with tweezers, and then take the nail file and proceed to a gradual correction. At the end, polish the nails.


The most common procedure used to correct the shape of nails is to build. But only a professional and experienced master can make nails really attractive. The main task will not be to create a bright coating, but a correction. And in order to achieve the effect, the extension should be carried out, taking into account the peculiarities of the shape of the nail.

Properly selected and correctly applied material will create a polymerization effect. That is, particles of materials will gradually penetrate into the structure of the nail and how to build it. But at the same time the master must set the right direction. As a result, the nail plate will change shape under the influence of a dense and hard coating that has specified and fixed outlines.

Correct manicure

The correct manicure also allows you to visually adjust the shape and hide the flaws. Features will depend on the features of the nails.


  • If the nail is wide, then you can not paint over it completely, but leave the edges free. If you paint the nail plate completely, and even go on the rollers, then the situation will only get worse.
  • With wide nail beds and a trapezoidal shape, it is not recommended to use horizontal and too large patterns and patterns.
  • Visually lengthen the nails will help vertical or oblong prints.
  • If you like a french, then choose the shape of "smile" with the edges that go beyond the nail ridges.
  • With wide or trapezoid nails, it is better to abandon the matte coatings and bright colors of lacquer. Give preference to glossy surfaces, as well as dark lacquers with mother of pearl or sequins.
  • Oddly enough, bright and even flashy shades will help to correct the shape of the nails.
  • It is desirable to place the pattern on the central part of the nail, and not at its edge.
  • You should not choose large drawings, give preference to smaller ones.
  • Combine and combine different tones. So, if the nails are narrowed, it is better to cover the narrow part with a light varnish, and to make the base dark. If the tip is wide, cover it with a dark varnish, and leave the base light.

Let your nails be beautiful and attractive!

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