How to find out how many children there will be?

A carefree childhood once passes, and with a period of growing up comes concern. Indeed, adults are always preoccupied with something, which means it’s time for young people to join. In particular, many girls are concerned about how to find out how many children there will be? Boys are more pragmatic, but in passing they are not averse to finding out about it.

The question is, of course, serious, an adult, but is it possible to know about it in advance? By good reasoning, one can say that a healthy woman will have as many children as she wants, or as many as a modest family budget allows. A man can theoretically do at least every day for a child. Medical workers can conduct an examination, but they will say roughly the same thing, except for the schedule for a woman, when it is desirable and when it is not necessary, or vice versa, when it is possible and when it is impossible.

Folk divination

In the old days, girls hung a needle on a string about 20 cm long. They took the thread with their right hand and held the needle over the left palm, not swaying. The needle itself began to sway.If she swayed in a straight line, then the first will be a boy, if in a circle - a girl, if in some more cunning way, then perhaps the twins. Then the needle was lowered into the palm and raised again to read the second, third child and beyond. Finished when the needle is no longer swinging. Young women, already married, did the same with a wedding ring. It is worth remembering that in those days women gave birth to a dozen or more children, and now rarely more than two. Therefore, if you believe this method, you need to take into account that this is most likely only the potential of a woman


About how many children, learn by hand, too, you can. Nowadays, even some scientists recognize that the lines of the hand do not arise just like that, but are connected with human genetics and many mental inclinations. For example, the well-known Down syndrome is imprinted in great detail on a hand and is easily read by palmists. However, it is difficult to say whether the influence of fate on the hand takes place, and what proportion of the palmist's fantasy is in his divination.

It is believed that you need to guess on the active hand, that is, for the left-handed - on the left. On the hill of Mercury (just below the little finger) there may be several vertical stripes. This is the line of children. Those that are genuine - boys, in short - girls.Gemini can form the sign of V or Y. It is also believed that in men these lines do not mean his own children, but those with whom he will be close.

Tarot cards

Argued that one of the most reliable is divination by the Tarot cards. Make it must, of course, a professional fortune teller. In the process of ritual, the aura fortune-tellers and clients connect and influence the fortune-teller's hands. Cards do not fall out at random. Divination occurs step by step: one event, another, third ... However, such a fortune-teller rarely undertakes to guess more than a year in advance. In addition, there is a danger that the fortune-teller, having a stronger aura, will choose a client from the field of probabilities. what she would like.

A. S. Pushkin, the fortune-teller simply said: "Beware of the fair-haired man." The great poet, having met such (Dantes), immediately on the first occasion called him to a duel. If he had not heard the words of the fortuneteller, perhaps he would not pay any attention to this man.


You can try out the number of children for free by trying one of the many online tests. Here, for example, two, randomly selected:,. It is difficult to judge their authenticity, since their principles are hidden.But after going through them all and getting at least two identical results, you can ... search the Internet for another test for a guarantee.

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