How to find love on dating sites?

Today, university diplomas on Instagram and Facebook are already quite common, just like scientific studies, which are now studying both such banal and accessible things as, for example, dating sites. Amy Webb, a journalist and teacher at Columbia University, decided to find a new approach to dating sites, applied her knowledge of mathematics and programming, brought an algorithm for efficient use of these sites and ... found a husband for herself, and then wrote on the wave of a successful outcome of her venture the book "How I hacked dating sites." Having tried Tinder, Lovoo, Mamba and a lot of similar services to find a partner and did not find our prince, we decided to try to copy Amy’s step-by-step strategy and put it into practice.

Amy begins her story with a preface that the same motives as many girls brought her to dating sites: at the age of 30 and with a great desire to start a family, Amy suddenly realized that it was time for her to hurry,because statistically (prepare for this science Webb will resort very often) for most couples, the time interval from the first date to the first child is about 5 years. Grandmother Amy at this moment gave the girl a piece of advice - relax and your love will find itself, and the rest of the family added that you still have to stop being so legible.

Restless Webb decided to test her grandmother’s advice in practice, counted the number of single men in Philadelphia aged 30 to 36, chose from them those who meet her search criteria (a Jew who likes to travel, weighs more and is not too keen on sports), Statistics brought the number of applicants in the whole city and received ... 35 people

At this stage, the idea of ​​the same mathematical logic “hacking” dating sites and achieving the desired one came to her.

How to find love on dating sites?

Step one: analyze the "grooms market"

The first thing Amy made was a list of those qualities and characteristics that she would like to find in her prospective partner: from general views on parenting and passion for traveling to outward features, having received 72 specific points.Selected qualities Amy divided the priorities into three groups: in the first were important and irreplaceable requirements, in the second - those that were desirable, but not decisive, and in the third - those that may or may not be at all. She awarded points to qualities from each group: the highest were in the first group, the lowest - in the third. Based on this idea, Amy decided to arrange a conversation with an alleged candidate as a game: the more points he scored, the more chances he would have to meet in reality. In her opinion, this was the key to success that demanding girls need so much. But even at the very first "winner" on points, the scheme collapsed: he met all her requirements, they met in reality, but he did not like Amy. Then she decided to continue "hacking" further ...

How to find love on dating sites?

Step two: study the competitor

At the next stage, Amy drew the question: who likes those men who like her? To find the answer to this question, she created on her own behalf 10 male accounts on dating sites to find out which girls “peck” on her alleged prince.She carefully studied competitor questionnaires and found out several features. First, these girls did not try to write a lot about themselves, but everything that was written was read readily and naturally. Even if these were only three sentences, they conveyed that before you is a cheerful and easy person who will not be bored with.

Amy even brought out the words that were used in the profiles more often: “cheerful”, “love”, “humor”, “family”, “cinema”, “new”, “try”, “friends”, “like”, “travel” - these words were the most popular

Secondly, however banal it may sound, these girls laid out photos in which their body is visible, whether it be a neckline, or a low-cut neckline, or a short skirt, or a selfie, on which one could look at facial features. They were open to acquaintances, both literally and figuratively. And thirdly, they were not in a hurry to respond to the messages of men interested in them, but they did it about once every 24 hours, showing that they also have important things to do in their lives besides correspondence with strangers.

How to find love on dating sites?

Step Three: Create Your Super Profile

Amy rewrote her profile under the motto “It's all the same me,but only adapted to the requirements of this ecosystem ", changed the photos to those where she poses in a dress with short sleeves and with a smile, limited herself to just one word on her professional activities, but wrote that she likes to discover and try new things, have fun and travel . The result bore fruit: Amy began to receive requests from new candidates every day. But with each of them she used the same method of selection by points for the necessary qualities, and her perseverance gave results - the girl's future husband scored the required amount of points, and at the first meeting she realized that their views and life position coincided.

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