How to file documents?

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How to file documents?

Currently there are no strict rules for conducting archives firmware. However, hem documents preferably so that if necessary they can be easily used and find the necessary information. On the technology of the firmware, read our article How to flash documents. And below is a guide on a practical way to create a stitched archive.

How to file documents correctly

Usually for storage it is necessary to collect a fairly weighty folder with documents. To make it nice and neat, try the following:

  1. Fold the documents in the desired sequence, for example, by date, alphabet, in a different order. Be careful, because after you come up with the sheets, changing the state of the archive is no longer possible. Lay the page as smoothly as possible.
  2. Remove all metal fastener parts: paper clips, staples and more.
  3. Type a title page on your computer. In the upper right corner, place the name of the organization that owns the documents;Write the name of the archive in the center of the sheet, for example, “Sales Book for 2014”. Below, please indicate the archive storage period in accordance with the regulations.
  4. In addition to the title page, print a strip for the spine of the book. Its parameters should be equal to the size of the end part of sheets laid together. On this strip, duplicate the name of the archive. Print cover pages.
  5. For firmware, use also 2 A4 cardboard sheets. On one of them stick the title page. Lay the finished cover on top of a stack of documents. Place the second cardboard sheet on top of the inscription with the name.
  6. Make a special stationery awl 5 holes at an equal distance from each other on the left side of the documentation. If you do not sew, you can punch holes. It is most likely necessary to carry out the procedure in parts, so make sure that the perforation on all documents was performed at the same level.
  7. Take a thick needle and thread. Firmware usually lead thread folded in half. Start flashing documents from below by inserting a needle into the middle hole. Leave about 10 cm in length on the bottom of the folder.
  8. Sew the archive sheets, sequentially threading the thread through the holes. After that, tie the end of the thread with its beginning and cut off from the needle.
  9. On the knot you need to stick a sheet of square paper with a size of about 5 * 5 cm. A stamp, signature and the date of archiving are put here by the responsible person.
  10. A sheet of cardboard, which you put on the title, bend back so that it would be the back of the book. Behind the excess cut and glue the cardboard. On the spine stick a strip with the name of the folder.

This way you have an aesthetic book, which is convenient to store both vertically and horizontally, and if necessary, easy to find among other papers.

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