How to build a good relationship with management

How to build a good relationship with managementHow to build a good relationship with management

Unfortunately, many managers count (perhaps subconsciously) on this or that degree of "podhalimazha" on the part of their subordinates. Of course, it is difficult to find a reasonable justification. We will talk about how to deal with “bad bosses” in other chapters of this book. Now we will discuss recommendations regarding relations with senior in rank or position.


Do the same as the boss does.



Beginners in the company usually believe that the most important for creating good relations in the team is friendliness, responsiveness and sociability. But the business culture is based on a hierarchical system of titles and positions: friendliness, manifested even with the most sincere intentions, is often inappropriate in the conditions of such a hierarchical system. Your main duty at work is work. Excessive friendliness can be perceived as familiarity, especially in relations with superiors.


Despite the humorous nature, the toast was very respectful and celebrated the merits of both the marketing department and its vice-president. One of the new employees of this department decided to support the joke of the president of the company and, leaping up, said an unintelligible reply to the vice-president with hints of the major achievements of the head “not only at work”. His unsuccessful attempt to mock was met with deathly silence. Fortunately, at this moment the waiters began to spread the next dish, which distracted the attention of the participants of the celebration from the tactless speech of a novice who too much imagined himself.


Conclusion: sociability should not cross the established boundaries. Learn to control your sense of humor in order not to fall into a degrading situation. Our advice will help you achieve a good relationship with your boss.


  1. Your main responsibility is to do the work you have been given.
  2. Treat your boss with respect and understanding.
  3. Address your boss by name and patronymic if all other employees of your level address him in this way. Do not call him easily by name, even if you have known each other for a long time, unless he himself offers this form of address.
  4. Stick to about the same style of clothing as your boss.Do not consider the boss your friend. Do not put your nose into the personal life of your boss, unless, of course, he himself starts revelations with you.
  5. Communicating with the authorities, do not forget about some subtleties. Even during informal events - for example, going on a picnic - only the head has the right to raise some personal topics during the conversation, and the discussion of these topics can continue until the manager stops talking about something else.

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