How to equip an apartment on Feng Shui to attract good luck?

To tell the truth, to a hobby of фэншуй from the side of the friends always concerned skeptically. Well, how can some kind of energy flows in the apartment affect the fate of its tenants, etc.? Stupidity. However, today I increasingly meet people who cannot imagine their existence at all without Chinese science. And what is most interesting, these people are far from the last class: deputies, businessmen, heads of large companies, professors, journalists. At first I was perplexed, and then I wondered: maybe it really works like feng shui? It’s not for nothing that various nations of the world have been practicing this teaching for six thousand years. And the Chinese - the first who systematized it, brought to a single set of rules. I remember when our salary was delayed for several months at a previous job, my colleague Natasha said: “Girls, don't worry! Yesterday I arranged a workplace at home for Feng Shui! Two weeks, and the money will be in our pocket. "It's funny, but Natashka is the first to whom the company has covered the debt. After that, I began to read the special literature and found that we all, to some extent, live according to the laws of Feng Shui. And this science is not so exotic, as it seems at first glance!

If you believe feng shui, then all the items in our house have a soul. And each bauble and its location either attracts or, conversely, pushes welfare out of our house. To get lucky by the tail, you need to make sure that the house has a favorable chi energy. To cope with this task is not difficult.

Order and nothing more!

And the first thing to start with is to get rid of trash, garbage and things that remind you of the sad moments from the past. For example, throw a photo of a former guy who offended you nicely, take bags of rags to the trash, which served their time, or sell them to Avito. As you wish! Just do not collect trash on the mezzanine!

Throw everything away with joy! No regrets! Whether these are gifts that you don’t like, or old dishes that you don’t use, a pile of school notebooks, old soft toys that haven’t been pleasing to the eye for a long time, but only dust is collected.Make room for a new one!

Otherwise, the energy of qi will not enter your home and wonderful changes will not come. And before "recycling" do not forget to thank every thing for their faithful service! Throwing away all unnecessary, you open the door of light energy that feeds your home positive. According to Feng Shui, the more often you wash the floors and wipe the dust in the house, the better you will be doing things in the professional and personal fields. So make friends with the mop. Especially now such a wide range of household tools! The eye rejoices.

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Fresh air and pleasant smells

The second. Favorable qi energy loves fresh air, so air the apartment regularly. Remember: in the morning the air is filled with positive currents, and in the afternoon - aggressive. Therefore, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to open the windows wide. So you will increase the circulation of qi in your home. Favorable energy is powered by the sun. Therefore, during the day the curtains should not be drawn. The smell ... Nice. Everywhere. Required. Do not neglect air fresheners and scented candles. Your home is the key to your success! Everything is important here. And the interior of the house as well.Especially quivering energy of qi refers to the three zones: the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

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According to Feng Shui, the bathroom is almost the main place in the house, since there are large streams of water. And water, as you know, carries with it destructive properties: it takes away happiness, family and financial well-being from home. To weaken the water flow, it is necessary to bring into the interior of the bathroom as much as possible so-called earth elements. Well, if the colors will be present brown, yellow-brown color or wood color. In order not to strengthen the water element, try to avoid blue and all shades of water. Water flow is weakened by any wooden elements. If the kitchen has a window - hang wooden blinds. It is also better to buy jars for toothbrushes and soap cases in brown and wooden colors. Our task is to hide the water flow, so do not forget to lower the toilet lid. Water should never flow. Remember, if a mixer or hose is leaking from the shower, your money is leaking. Good bathroom lighting also weakens the water flow, which has a beneficial effect on the welfare of the owners. Do not forget to air the bath. There should always be a pleasant smell and cleanliness.It would be nice to put a toad figure in the bathroom. It will save your financial well-being. Yes, and it is believed that the door should not be reflected in the bathroom mirror.

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Here everything is simple. The main principle is mirror purity. The sink, stove, oven and refrigerator should be perfectly clean. From the habit of storing pans and frying pans in the oven should be abandoned. Not good for it. The oven must be empty. The stove is the main symbol of well-being. And it is desirable to cook on all burners. In turn. It's great if your mirror-clean plate will be reflected in the mirror. This will greatly increase your wealth. Will bring luck a beautiful picture with food over the dining table. Do not litter the sink with dirty dishes. Wash it immediately after eating. Take out the trash every day. But until 20:00. Not later than.

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Here the main rule works: the fewer things, the better. The bed should in no case be reflected either in the TV or in the mirrors. Otherwise, be adultery. Even from the glossy ceiling in the bedroom should be abandoned. Do not put a bed in the center of the room, head to the window, lying down to the door. It attracts negative energy and adversely affects the human condition.It is better if your bed will be located diagonally from the door and headboard to the wall. By the way, Feng Shui does not recommend hanging any pictures and massive objects above the bed. This attribute in the bedroom enhances negative energy. For a matrimonial bedroom it is important that the bed and the mattress are one. Move two beds and two mattresses together - to quarrels. Under the bed should be empty so that qi energy can circulate freely. And do not put photos of friends and strangers in the bedroom. The bedroom is an intimate affair. There should not be anything extra. No computer, no desktop, no aquarium with fish. The color scheme is calm. The lighting is slightly muffled, preferably combined.

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The basic principles of Feng Shui are clear enough, and some of them, such as cleanliness, are well known to us.

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