How to drive a car?

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How to drive a car?

One of the main conditions for the success of a modern person is his mobility, the ability to keep pace everywhere and reach various points of the city in the shortest possible time. Of course, many people use public transport for this, although in order to reduce the time spent on the road, it is much more efficient to have a private car. But how and where to learn to drive safely and confidently?

Choosing a way of learning

Despite the fact that high ranks of the traffic police have repeatedly considered the abolition of the possibility of passing an exam for an external driver's license as a necessary measure, this method of obtaining "rights" still remains relevant. A potential driver can really study the theoretical foundations of driving, watch videos on how to drive a car. Video of this kind is quite a lot on the web. Also, for a person preparing to take an externally exam, you should contact a private driving instructor for help, who will give you the necessary practical skills for driving around the city.This method is good only because it requires a little less financial cost than training in a driving school. But at the same time, the quality of training, as a rule, is significantly lower.

A much more reliable way to learn is to write to a driving school group, where, with an overpayment that is not so large compared to self-study, a person will be taught how to navigate in a road environment, explain all controversial and incomprehensible moments that are sufficient in traffic regulations, and also prepare well to the passage of the examination route.

When choosing a driving school, it is necessary to focus not only on the cost of education in it, but on the feedback from friends and acquaintances, as well as on the percentage of those who managed to pass the “right” exam the first time. Indeed, today the situation is such that an expensive elite driving school may well be just a promoted brand, in reality no different from lesser-known organizations.


Often a car is purchased by a potential driver even before the start of training at a driving school.Of course, how can you not try out the purchase and not make at least an attempt to drive a couple of meters yourself? There is nothing terrible in this if a person ensures that several important conditions are met before starting such a “training”.

Firstly, before getting a driver's license you should remember that when you sit behind the wheel and drive on a public road, you present a considerable danger to others. This can be done only when accompanied by a professional driving instructor and a car equipped for this purpose. Independent training should be carried out only on spacious grounds or autodromes where there are no people or other cars. Best of all, if there is another, more experienced driver next to you, who will be able to correct your mistakes, give the necessary advice, show how to do this or that exercise correctly.

Asking how to drive correctly, you should clearly understand that the knowledge and skills acquired at the initial stages of training will become your habit for many years. Errors that have become a habit, it is very difficult to fix.Therefore, it is necessary to initially accustom yourself to simple, but extremely important actions.

Initial action

For the first time sitting behind the wheel of a car, it is difficult to cope with excitement. This is normal, but you should control your actions, and try to remain as calm as possible. You should not convulsively squeeze the steering wheel, try to immediately leave the place, try to show yourself more skillful than it actually is. It will be much more useful to relax in the driver's seat, quietly examine the controls, adjust the position of the driver's seat, mirrors, steering column so that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. An instructor or a volunteer friend will help you with this.

How to drive a car correctly? It is important to immediately learn to take the correct position in the chair, which may initially seem inconvenient, but over time you will get used to it. At the same time, the back should be located almost vertically, and the hands on the steering wheel should take a position “at 9 and 2 hours”, slightly bent at the elbow joints. The knees are extended a few centimeters from the edge of the seat cushion so that the left foot is almost fully flattened when the clutch pedal is depressed.At the same time, you need to remember that the left leg works with the clutch, only the right foot with the gas and brake pedal. The heel of the right foot is located opposite the brake pedal, "gas" is pressed, slightly turning the toe of the foot to the right.

Typical mistakes novice drivers

How to drive a car, we have already figured out, now it is worth thinking about the mistakes that make newbies. Often, those who make the first steps in learning to drive a car make mistakes that are typical for beginners. The most frequent of these is the wrong driving position. A man, trying to better see what is happening in front of the hood of the car, bends too low to the steering wheel, almost touching his face. In this case, the movements of such a driver are significantly limited, and there is a danger when braking abruptly, despite wearing a seatbelt, to hit the steering wheel with your head.

In addition, many novice drivers in the first lesson squeeze the steering wheel too much, which interferes with the normal driving and complicates the learning process.

Also important is the direction of view of the student.Here, students often make the mistake of looking at the road in the immediate vicinity of the hood of the car, while it is necessary to inspect the area at least 200 - 300 meters ahead.

How to learn to drive a car? The most important thing is that this requires attention and perseverance. Everything else comes with experience. The lack of perseverance will not allow you to master the technique of managing a means of increased danger with high quality, lack of attention can cost you your life!

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