How to draw anime in Photoshop (Photoshop)?

Denis Mulchin
Denis Mulchin
February 15, 2013
How to draw anime in Photoshop (Photoshop)?

Getting started to create an anime drawing is that you need to create a sketch of your future picture. To do this, open a new document in the program "Photoshop" and begin to make a rough sketch of your character in the style of anime. For this stage, use the mouse, but if you work on the tablet, you can draw without the help of the mouse. In principle, many users interested in compiling anime pictures start by drawing a pencil sketch on a simple sheet of paper and then scan it onto their computer. You can use any of the methods of creating a sketch, but the most important thing is that you know how to draw anime in Photoshop, because without this knowledge it is impossible to get a full-fledged picture.

Sketch to anime drawing

Knowing how to draw anime in Photoshop, you are sure to use brown color to underline the outline of the picture. This tone, using the Pen tool, traces the outline of the character, after which the pseudo-eyes are drawn.In principle, if during the course of your work it seems to you that the size of the picture does not meet your requirements, then you can change your drawing in the style of anime. Photoshop online allows you to finish in the process of working legs or other details, including the clothes of the character. After making some corrections to the drawing, it is logical to create new layers that need to be signed in accordance with their purpose. For example, “hair tone”, “clothing tone”, “skin tone”.

For the image of the skin in the figure, choose two basic colors. Body coloring is done with the Brush brush. For Photoshop anime, namely, its production does not pose any difficulty for a person who has a certain practice in working with brushes. In this case, when coloring the body, set the transparency of the brush to 15. The shaded area of ​​the body must be highlighted before starting work with the second tone. Additional tones are needed in order to portray the highlights and shadow. We work with the right places in terms of painting them. Gradually doing the procedure for coloring clothes, but here it is necessary to provide the following point - the edges of the clothes should be darkened.To do this, after the QC fill, we take the Burn Tool, set it to 100% and shade the edges of the clothes.

Duplicate the outline layer, then continue painting over all the details in the same way as previously. Anime Photoshop tutorials recommend that you revive your eyes by setting a few dots on your eyes, using a Solid Brush with white color. Paint the hair and gum on them. After coloring the skirt, add a few small details, including highlights and folds. In order for the contour not to be visible on the bright parts of the body, erase it using an eraser. The final stage of the work will be to add a background - choose the color so that the character looks as advantageous as possible. Optionally, you can add a logo.

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