How to draw a monkey with a child

An interesting application of a monkey can come out of the print of a child’s hand. Applying unusual techniques of working with different materials, we teach the children creative approach to any subjects and non-standard vision of the world around them.

In this way, we contribute to the development of a creative, vibrant personality with a rich inner world. A rich soil for creating entertaining images are the handprints.

 How to draw a monkey with a child

How to draw a monkey with a child

What? you will need:

  • a sheet of dense white paper (paper for watercolors, sketches or from an album for drawing)
  • brown paint and brush
  • wet wipes;
  • green paint in a tube - for example, stained glass (in the absence of conventional green paint)
  • brown and beige colored paper
  • toy eyes
  • glue
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • black felt pen.

Let's go.

Before we draw a monkey, we prepare the details with the child, which will be required in the future.To do this, cut out a circle from brown colored paper, and a smaller oval from a beige one. We also cut out two brown semi-oval and two small beige.

Now let's get to the most interesting part. On the palm of a child — its base and fingers — apply a thick layer of brown paint with a brush.

 We put paint on fingers

We put paint on fingers

Gently apply the palm to the middle of a white sheet, press and remove. We clean the hand with a wet wipe or wash it under running water.

We make the imprint more vivid and neat by painting it with paint in the right places.

Glue the brown circle to the top of the print (this will be head), on it in the lower part we fix a beige oval (it will be a muzzle). On the sides of the circle we glue the brown half-poles first, and beige on their center (we get the ears).

Glue the toy eyes on the muzzle. We draw a nose and a mouth with a black felt-tip pen.

We draw a curved tail with brown paint.

A funny monkey turned out!

To make the monkey hack look more impressivemake the final touches.

 Figure and applique monkey 1

Picture and applique monkey 1

With green paint from a tube, draw lines, depicting vines, which keeps the monkey. Using stained paint, we get the volumetric lines that will make the craft more expressive. However, you can use simple paints by applying them with a thin brush.

 Drawing and appliqué monkey 2

Drawing and appliqué of the monkey 2

You can attach various decorative elements to the lianas, they will also decorate the picture.

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