How to do makeup if you have a hanging eyelid?

Many representatives of the fair sex tend to relentlessly look for their appearance "shortcomings": the eyes are too narrow, the lips are too small, the eyelashes are short and so on.

The problem of the impending age worries and upsets many girls, many of them tend to believe that with such a "drawback" it is almost impossible to achieve a beautiful make-up and get rid of the notorious "tired look" that is formed due to the upper eyelid.

In fact, this is not at all a problem, but rather a feature of your appearance, which, with the knowledge of some tricks, easily turns into a sweet highlight.

Do not believe? Do you know how many celebrities and world-famous stars have exactly this feature? At the same time they remain bright, successful, brilliant and even real standards of modern beauty! And the point here is not at all the use of some mysterious techniques or, worse, plastic surgery, they just know how to correctly form their "heavy" look.

It is about how to make the right and beneficial makeup for the eyes with the looming eyelid, and we will talk today.

Remember that it is important to be creative in this matter, to study the appropriate color palette, and also to learn the art of correct make-up.

Even those lucky ones who can boast an ideal cut of the eye and its beautiful form, are not always able to apply beautiful makeup. In every case, practice is important!

The basic rules of competent makeup

Regardless of the features of the exterior, there are some rules of competent make-up, without which it is simply impossible to achieve really high-quality results. The first rule concerns eyebrows, after all they are a peculiar frame of our eyes.

If the trouble with their shape or color, then you do not achieve a beautiful effect on even the most high-quality makeup. In the case of the lowered eyelid, it is very important to achieve the expressiveness of the eyebrows: they must be bright and well marked, thereby distracting attention from any existing deficiencies.

The ideal form for the case under discussion is an elongated, slightly curved and elevated at the outer edge.If self-correction is frightening, then it is better to trust a professional, and then only keep in shape. For lowered eyelids, eyebrows should not be too thick or too voluminous, otherwise they can make the look even heavier.

The correct form must be brought to the ideal with a special pencil, which will allow to draw smooth bends, as well as with the help of shadows that gently blend gaps and small bald spots (if there are any, of course).

The second rule is the method of application. Be sure to do most of the process with your eyes open, this will help you immediately evaluate the result and, moreover, the effect with a closed eyelid will be very different from what you see when you open it completely.

And the third - makeup for the impending century necessarily involves drawing the lower eyelid. This will make the look deeper, and the eyes themselves - more. An ideal example of eye makeup with such a feature of the century is, beloved by many, smoky ice in dark or gentle everyday tones.

Step-by-step instruction

So, let's begin. How can one achieve the same amazing results?Like stars or models on different photos? To get started, stock up with everything you need: first of all, this is a special base under the shade, which solves another problem of the impending century - their rapid sliding and disappearing in the shortest possible time due to the upper fold.

Thanks to the special basics, the shadows will stay much better, and applying and feathering will not be such a difficult process. You can apply the base with a special brush or even with your fingers, as long as the layer is thin.

  • After applying the base, we use a corrector to mask the swelling and bruising under the eyes.
  • Let's figure out the top crease. Remember an important feature for such eyes - for the success of the case, you can use only matte textures of the shadows, all shiny and pearlescent will greatly increase the unnecessary volume, adding to the look even more "swelling". Use shiny shadows can only be under the eyebrows to slightly refresh the look. The color of the shadows for drawing the folds should be chosen as dark as possible - it will more easily remove all the “bulges”, and the look will get depth. We draw a line from the outer corner of the eye, as close as possible to the eyelashes, and then grab a fixed and mobile eyelid. Shade.
  • The inner corners are decorated with lighter shadows, for example, cream or beige. In general, the tones should be selected depending on the color of the eyes: for hazel - peach, shades of champagne, brown, for blue - shades of gray, beige, blue, and so on.
  • Draw the lower ciliary edge with the same shadows as the crease, blend, as a result there should be a slight haze.
  • To emphasize the look, draw a line of eyelash growth with a pencil - as close as possible to the roots. Liquid liner here use inappropriate. In general, avoid too sharp and sharp lines, try to achieve feathering of each stroke.
  • Light shadows are applied to the moving part of the century, lightening the inner corner as much as possible.
  • To complete this makeup you need expressive and voluminous eyelashes, which also visually reduce the overhang of the upper eyelid.

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