How to determine the wear of a building

Definitionwearnecessary to account for the difference between a new and evaluated object. Depreciation indicates the loss of certain qualities, therefore, the higher it is, the less the price for the building. Percentwearis a collection of measurements of various parametersbuilding. There is a physical, functional and external aspect of determining the level of aging.building.
Physical deterioration is unavoidable and disposable. Unrecoverable are problems in the construction or foundationbuildingthat is associated with its full aging. Unavoidable wear has a greater effect on the final cost. It exceeds the price that can be added to the building for any parameters. Disposable, in turn, is more profitable to fix than to replace. Depreciation is determined as a percentage after inspection of structural elements.building. And if the wear is about 10%, then this is almost an ideal indicator, while 80%wearindicates an alarm condition.
After determining the physical, functional wear should be determined, which indicates any obsolete parameters.building- for example, outdated type of wiring, non-modern plumbing system, outdated layout. Visually inspected.buildingon the basis of which a comparison is made with more modern buildings of the same type.
External depreciation is determined on the basis of location, and can have a greater effect on price. If the building stands out against the rest of the buildings, is less modern than the surrounding ones, then the cost drops sharply. There are many examples where the costbuildingalmost equal to the cost of a plot of land because of the externalwear. It may include in part the same physical and functional parameters of the aging structure.
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Depreciation of a building is a key characteristic in determining the cost of a building being sold and should be carried out with experts, because accurate analysis on its own and without special knowledge is almost impossible.

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