How to determine the amount of fat in the body

You will need
  • - ruler;
  • - caliper;
  • - centimeter;
  • - pool.
Check yourself in the water (pool), use fresh for better. In the water, lie on your back, spread your legs and arms to the side, exhale, hold your breath and start counting up to 60. If you start to dive in the account from 30 to 40, the percentage of fat you have is more than 20% when you count to 60 , you stay afloat, you have more than 25% fat. If you start to go under water, without having counted up to 30, there is clearly not enough fat in the body.
It is quite objectively possible to estimate the percentage of body fat in the following way. Measure the circumference of the convex part of the chest with a centimeter, followed by the waist at the navel, and only then the widest part of the hips. All measurements take undressing. After these manipulations, divide the waist by the hips, and then the waist by the chest.

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