How to determine the size of foot for shoes

How to determine the size of the footHow to determine the size of the foot

Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to swelling, flat feet, poor posture. Therefore, when buying a new pair, you should always pay attention to the convenience of this or that model and the conformity of the shoes you buy to your foot size. You can determine the size of your shoes yourself.


To determine the size of the foot for shoes you need:

- A sheet of paper size A4;
- a pencil or pen;
- line.


There are several numbering systems for shoe sizes in the world, the most common ones being European, English and American. As a rule, knowing your size in one of them, it is easy to convert it to another. The best way to determine shoe size is to measure the length of the foot. Do this in the evening, tk. by the end of the day the leg slightly increases.


Wear thin socks (if you are going to wear shoes without a sock, then, of course, measure the same without it). Put the paper on the floor, stand on it and gently circle the contour of each foot, while holding the pencil exactly vertically.If there is such an opportunity, ask someone to help you.


Draw a straight line from the heel to the fingers on the resulting figure, connecting the most prominent points. Measure the length of this segment using a ruler. If one foot is longer than you, look for size on it.


You can calculate the length of the foot and without having at hand the paper. To do this, measure the distance from the elbow to the wrist on the inside of the arm. It is believed that this segment is approximately equal to the foot.


Compare the value you received with a table of international shoe sizes. For example, a female foot of 22.5 cm in length in Russia corresponds to 35 sizes of shoes, 23.5 cm - 36, 24.5 cm - 37, 25.5 cm - 38. A male foot length of 25 cm in Russia corresponds to 39 shoes , 26 cm - 40, 27 cm - 41, 28 cm - 42, 29 cm - 43.


An important parameter in the selection of shoes, which, unfortunately, is often not indicated - this is completeness. This indicator is measured across the foot contour, at the most prominent points of the toe part. In Russia, shoes are produced in 12 half-full, which are indicated by numbers from 1 (the narrowest stop) to 12 (the widest). Now you know how to determine the size of shoes by measuring the size of the foot. Try it.

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