How unusual to decorate a Christmas tree: the original Christmas decorations with their own hands

How unusual to decorate a Christmas tree: the original Christmas decorations with their own handsTraditionally, the Christmas tree was decorated with various sweets in holiday wrappers, nuts in a gilded shell and colorfully painted pictures. Now the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree has changed, but the most important thing in this business is to preserve the feeling of celebration!


Natural Christmas Decorations


An unusual and partially edible way to decorate a Christmas tree is toys made from natural materials, namely dried fruits, dried lemon slices and even tangerine skins — the latter should be carefully cut across the sphere, not reaching the end of about 0.8 cm, then straightened and left to dry . Then fasten the bottom of the “cuts” with a stapler, thread and the natural Christmas ball is ready!


In the same way, you can make toys from cones and acorns by attaching dry red berries to them - dull and naturally-looking decorations will add to your Christmas tree charm.


Christmas balls with flowers inside


Transparent balls filled with various things are a fashionable decoration. They glitter beautifully in the light of the garlands, but do not close the view of their “stuffing”, which can be anything, from dried flowers, leaves, seeds and cinnamon sticks for nature lovers and natural jewelry to sparkles and handmade Christmas figures from plastics.


CD Toys


Compact discs shine on the light and shimmer brighter than any garland. Take old unwanted CDs and draw New Year’s silhouettes on them - Christmas trees, Santa Claus, a house, a snowman, a bell or an angel - so that there is a circular hole in the center in the center. Cut out a sharp knife along the contour and hang the toy by threading the thread in the round center.


Christmas-tree decoration - a balloon


And in order to update the old plastic Christmas balls, you can not only repaint them, tie them up or even sheathe them, but also turn them into a completely original piece of jewelry - for example, a balloon with a basket. To do this, take a sheet of flexible cardboard or thick paper, a small piece of clay to weight the “basket” of the ball, as well as threads, an awl, scissors, glue and a short pin-cog with a ring for jewelry.


How unusual to decorate a Christmas tree: the original Christmas decorations with their own hands


First, cut two identical small rectangles for the basket. On the center of the one that will be below, put the end of a long strong thread of floss of bright color, and glue a piece of double-sided tape over it. Then glue on top of it, putting inside a second, identical box. Wrap the thread around the basket, passing it under the folds on top, and tie it to the upper part of the ball, the one for which it is usually hung on the Christmas tree.


The ball is ready, it remains only to hang it. To do this, use plastic to sew plastic over the top (originally it was the bottom) of the ball, and gently push the inside of the greased pin to the eyelet. Tie a string and hang a toy on the Christmas tree.


Felt horse decorated with buttons


The horse is a symbol of 2014, and it will always be appropriate to decorate the New Year tree with the symbol of the coming year. Horses can be made from anything, from beads to wire, but soft motley felt toys always look cute and original.


How unusual to decorate a Christmas tree: the original Christmas decorations with their own hands


Cut out the silhouette of the horse from two pieces of felt of a different color, sew them with contrasting floss, retreating 0.2 cm from the edge and first sew the horse with an eye - from a small button or bead - and then wash the whole body with buttons of different size, but of the same color, as if the spots are “apples” on a real horse.Buttons, if desired, can be replaced with sequins of different shapes, but also of the same color. Sew a thin string to the head or middle of the body and hang it on the Christmas tree.

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