How to declassify the number

You will need
  • Mobile phone.
When calls from unknown numbers begin to arrive on your mobile phone with enviable periodicity, you can, if necessary, set the number of the person calling you. Today, each mobile operator provides for its customers a service called call detailing. Note that some companies allow the subscriber to use this service remotely (that is, via SMS messages), some operators provide information about incoming calls only when the owner of the number personally contacts the operator’s office (office). What do you need to do in order to declassify the number?
First of all we will touch on the possibility of ordering remote call detailing. Since not every operator provides such a service, you must first call the Call Center and clarify such information.If the answer of the support service employee is negative, you can order the details only at the office of your operator. If the answer is positive, you can use this service simply by asking employee S.P. perform call detailing. This service is paid, and its payment will be made by writing off the required amount from the balance of your number. Detailing will be done in the shortest possible time, and information about incoming calls will be received on your phone as an SMS message.
If your operator has refused remote detailing, contact his office. To do this, take with you a contract concluded with the purchase of a room, as well as a passport. At the operator’s office, ask for a listing of incoming calls for a specific period of time. The service is also paid - payment is possible both in cash and with the debit of funds from your balance.

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