How to deal with sea buckthorn moth

You will need
  • - chlorophos;
  • - Bitoxybacillin;
  • - entobacterin.
Since the buckthorn moth caterpillars pupate in the upper soil layer, it must be dug up in the fall and spring. In addition, it is necessary to collect and burn the fallen leaves of the plant, in which pest butterflies lay eggs.
Sea buckthorn mole is destroyed with bitoxibacillin, 30 g of which is diluted in 10 liters of water. This solution is used to treat the plant that was attacked by the caterpillars. All you need to spend two treatments with an interval of ten days.
In the first half of June, buckthorn moth caterpillars can be sprayed with 20 g of chlorophos dissolved in 10 liters of water. Use this tool should be twice with an interval of eight days.
Also good results in the fight against pests can be achieved if the sea buckthorn is treated with a 0.5% entobacterin solution. Spraying should be done when the first caterpillars.

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