How to deal with raspberry moth

Prior to budding, it is necessary to cut and burn the seedlings, damaged by diseases or pests and frozen shoots, and tie up the rest.

Note: In case all the shoots are frozen, it is better to cut them to a living bud. When infected with shoots of raspberry bud moth, spraying with 10% solution of karbofos in a ratio of 75 ml per 10 l of water or 3% bordeaux liquid effectively helps.

To combat raspberry moth, during the period of bud swelling, it is necessary to spray shoots with a 2-3% solution of nitrophen paste in the proportion of 200 g per 10 l of water. It is also recommended to spray the foci of the lower part of the raspberry with insecticides in early spring at an outdoor temperature not lower than 4 ° C.

During the budding of raspberries infected with raspberry bud moth, the places can be sprayed with 1% Bordeaux liquid. In order for the raspberry bud moth to be smaller, it is necessary to shake off the larvae on film or an umbrella from raspberry bushes and destroy them, and the fallen or faded buds should be collected and burned.

With a high population of pests in raspberry bushes, you can spray karbofos, thus not only the larvae of the raspberry bud moth, but also the raspberry flies are destroyed.It also helps loosening the soil under the bushes, which contributes to the destruction of the larvae.

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