How to cut a hole in a ceramic tile

You will need
  • - drill;
  • - drill;
  • - tool "ballerina";
  • - diamond crown.
The first thing to do in the tile is a small indentation, which can be done with the help of the chipper. From this hole, you can start drilling a hole. Use a drill that has a cutting edge that is harder than the tile itself and its surface. At the moment, the best option is a special drill bit that has a diamond tip for drilling holes in a ceramic tile. The cost of such a drill, respectively, is high. You can also use homemade tile drills that are sold in the markets.
Next, gently start drilling without punch mode. As soon as the drill completely passes the tile, turn on the perforator. This method is effective for holes with a diameter of not more than 15 millimeters.
To make a hole of a larger diameter, drill or tamp a few holes along the contour of the hole that you intend to make. After that break off what happened. This method takes more time, but is popular with many people.
To implement the following method, purchase an instrument that is called a “ballerina,” which looks like a compass. Using it, make a hole in the ceramic tile. However, first make two cuts: one on the front of the tile, and the other on the back. So you improve the quality of the edges of the plate. This method is considered the most rational in terms of the ratio of quality and price.
To use this method, purchase a diamond crown in a good outlet. Install your drill in the place where you are going to make a hole, and adjust the correct diameter of the diamond crown.

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