How to cure dry seborrhea

You will need
  • - Sulfuric ointment;
  • - boric acid.
To start, review your diet, as it is very important not only for the quick treatment of this disease, but also for the condition of the whole organism. When dry seborrhea, try to eat as many eggs, dairy products, as well as various fruits and vegetables. Particularly useful are beets, cabbage and oatmeal. Limit the number of consumed spicy, fried and fatty foods, canned food and spices.
Take care of proper hair care. Use shampoos, masks and other cosmetics that are based on an extract of medicinal plants. Most of these drugs you can buy at the pharmacy.
Remember also that seborrhea is very often the result of the avitaminosis of the whole organism. Complete the full course of taking vitamin complexes, which must contain vitamins B, as well as A, E and D.It is also desirable to take drugs of zinc and sulfur, which will allow your body to cope with this disease.
Sulfuric ointment is also very useful. The course of treatment with this ointment is 8 days. Procedure spend every day. Separate the hair on the head with a comb and rub the ointment into the partings for at least five minutes. On the ninth day, do nothing; on the tenth, wash your hair thoroughly.
Use shampoo that contains tar or selenium sulfide. On the eleventh day, prepare a solution of boric acid (2 tsp. Of substance per 150 ml of hot water) and rub it into the scalp, wrapping it with a towel overnight. This procedure must be done for three days in a row.
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Helpful advice
Treatment of dry seborrhea is carried out only in a complex. Remember that it is very important to properly care for the hair and scalp, which should be carried out with the help of various medicines.

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