How to create a tournament?

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How to create a tournament?

Today, eSports is world famous, it attracts thousands of people. Every day a lot of games are created and released. The developers provide the opportunity not only personal games, but also the team. For this are a variety of competitions, tournaments. To create a tournament for any game, you need a guide. Hyde is a kind of step-by-step instruction. For each game it has its own. For example, to create a tournament in FIFA 14 or in an online football game 11x11, you need to follow the suggested instructions.

How to create a tournament in Fifa 14

  1. Run the game;
  2. Click "Play";
  3. Now click on the "Extra";
  4. Click "Download tournament";
  5. Click on the number 6 on the keyboard and create a tournament.

You will have a choice of 5 options for tournaments, hundreds of teams and hundreds of players.

How to create a football tournament in 11x11

  1. After we select the “Futsoyuz” cell. It is located on the left side of the title line.
  2. Select the section "Tournaments" and then the command "Create a Union."
  3. Click the bottom "Add".
  4. Fill in the form that appears all the required information.What is highlighted in bold, fill the required.
  5. The parameter “Zone” is denoted “Local”.
  6. Under this form is the rules that you need to fill out. The number of participants is selected automatically by the number of stages. If stage 2 is 4 participants, stage 3 is 8 and by analogy. You can also choose the game "On Departure" and distribute the players into groups.
  7. After these actions, your tournament will be displayed in the “Available” section. Click on the little pencil that is above it and start editing. We need this to create a tournament logo. In the same place we make the emblem of a football club. When all actions are completed, click "Continue."
  8. In the menu we look for “Tournaments”, then click “Add”. After that, choose your tournament and specify the time of its beginning. The tournament should start not immediately after creation, but at least an hour later.

Types of tournaments

Tournaments are of two types - commercial and internal.

  1. Commercial tournament or cup tournament are tournaments in which the amount for winning should not be greater than the amount of money during registration. Cup tournament is divided into such:
    • tournament for everyone;
    • tournaments that are created for a specific order and for individuals. This type of event also includes an inter-union tournament.
  2. Domestic - a tournament for managers of the football union.

The number of tournaments created for this game should not exceed 5 per day. This game is very exciting. And if a football coach lives inside you who has not realized his talent, this is exactly what you need. Create your own tournaments and enjoy the game.

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