How to create a happy family?


Building a family is a labor-intensive process in which all participants are involved. The slightest mistake on the one hand can be a source of the collapse of family relationships. This raises the question: "Is the husband, the wife, and the children always a family?" Perhaps it is roommates who live together only because of the circumstances. They come after work, have a quick dinner and go to their own bedrooms. So how to create a happy family, where there is respect, trust and love.

Five rules of successful existence

There are 5 rules that will guide you to create a fruitful collaboration. These rules are invented and thought out for the development of mutual respect and love. Indeed, without these fundamentals, it is impossible to create a happy family.

Comparing yourself with a partner is not allowed. Comparison gives each person objective moments of knowledge. But starting to compare, it is important not to “overtighten the blanket” to yourself.

If you notice that you start to compare yourself with the second half, run away from it.

You are different - learn to admire it! Character traits, actions of a loved one do not always correspond to our ideals. Learn to admire it. Think how good that you are slow, and the partner quickly responds to situations.

You learn from each other the opposite qualities, raising your own. You are learning to be more active in life, and your soulmate is to hold a pause. Admiring a partner, we enrich the inner world.

How to create a happy family?

Help move forward. Often in a relationship there is not enough mutual support. If you do not know how to create a happy family, learn to support your own spouse. Listen, give advice, look for new ideas yourself and give hints.

Highlight your strengths in a partner and extol them. In family relationships, it is important to feel the person, and for this you need to know what he lives with, what excites him.

Learn to agree. May your agreement be sincere. To avoid a quarrel or a 1-2 day resentment in marriage, one half can agree. But at the same time the intonation of the phrase is such that everyone understands what you think otherwise.

In general, the ability to agree with the opinion of the second half is already half of the percent of sincere relations. After all, everyone wants to answer yes to the affirmative answer. Because of this, a sense of satisfaction and security arises in the soul.

If the family often argues, find out who is right, members feel a sense of anxiety and danger. A person lives in a sense of a dirty trick. Learn to say "Yes" and you will see how the second half becomes softer. Please note that it is not the scale that is important, but agreement with at least part of the proposal.

Sometimes the recognition of rightness is more important than intimacy in a relationship. People tend to prove their own right. But at the same time, the feeling of unity and intimacy is lost. What is important to you in this evidence? Feel the power and own value? Then do you need to be together? Spouses should look for what akin to them.

Before you defend the rightness, think about what you do? Do you want to stay together and build strong relationships or prove the weight of your own voice? To be in a relationship is not a sacrifice of one's own ideals, interests. This is a search for a position when both are good.

Try to show less what to do to others. Indeed, at this moment you yourself are facing a choice. Shift accents in your own direction and think which way to go. In family life there is no right and guilty. The truth is always in the middle.

How to build a happy marriage?

It is believed that happy families are equally happy. But this statement is broken when you learn that each cell has its own moral principles, the principles of building personal and common space.

Some spouses enjoy life together, and the other half of couples prefer to spend time teaching their children and grandchildren. Some enjoy the active life, full drive, others get adrenaline watching their favorite TV shows on a quiet evening. Happiness is different, as well as different families.

Family happiness in children

The main factor, both aspirations, and fears to create a family - the birth of children. The birth of new members of society should not happen by chance. Family relationships are great if parents understand their own responsibility.

It is necessary to realize what problems arise, what financial investments will be required.Plan children, taking into account the material and moral situation, combine personal life and career. Seek help from couples who already have children and they know how to create a happy family. Do not delay with childbirth and give yourself the joy of being parents.

If you think that the birth of a baby will become an obstacle in the way of getting education or career growth, look around. Hundreds of thousands of families combine study, work and education of happy children.

Creating a family - finding compromises

There is a lot of work in family relationships and the main task is to find a solution that will suit both. Consider the interests of the husband or spouse. Does he want you to wear a less challenging outfit? Add elegance to your casual wardrobe. Socks or candy wrappers scattered all over the house? Teach to order.

Parents, friends will not help find a compromise. Your family is a personal matter and you have to create peace and comfort on your own. The more you communicate together, the faster you will find a way out. You decide how to behave, establish a personal space and get to know each other better.

The first time is hard, but who said that creating a happy family is an easy process? Take it positively. The more you are together, the faster you will learn the advantages and disadvantages.After living in the parental home, it is difficult to take responsibility and follow new orders.

Learn to bypass minor conflicts and forget resentment. Solve problems in a quiet, confidential environment, so that respect for each other remains all your life.

Understanding and forgiveness - the foundation of the foundation

The ability to listen and accept the position of the second half is an important task, having decided that you will create a happy unit of society. Learn to forgive and not to remember resentment, so that they do not go heavy burden. Trust and respect will help you interact and get out of the most conflict situations.

How to create a happy family?

Understand what is more important: understanding or constant quibbles and lives in reproaches? After all, after a long negative, it may be time to disgust, when each of the spouses, as if under a microscope, examines the shortcomings and criticizes. In the first years of their life, the spouses only get to know each other and it is important to be patient at this time.

Do not offend a dear person with ultimatums or threats of parting. Learn to hold back sharp words and think constructively. This will give weight to the words and create an atmosphere of respect. After all, everyone has flaws and some of them can be reconciled. Think about what you have chosen a soul mate and appreciate the merits.

Give smiles and praise and you will get the same in return. Everyone is pleased to see with a person contented with life, and not a dull person. Expressing positive, you charge others, creating a happy atmosphere for family life.

What is a happy family based on?

Romantics are pleased to realize that the family is an exalted society, where everyone praises and adores the other half. And it's a shame to hear that creating a family is work.

Family life can be perceived as a science. To create and maintain a happy family, you must apply the methods of addition, subtraction. Add to everyday relationships of passion, jealousy. Take away hope and give it back. Learn to agree that equality and balance are in everything. Who performs what duties, who goes first to reconciliation, who concedes more often and who walks less often with friends.

If you really want to learn how to create a happy family, remember that love does not always last. What will come for her replacement? This is up to you. You build trust, learn to forgive offenses, will you support a partner? It is not a matter of high-flown phrases, but of the way that each family chooses.

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