How to create a car in Minecraft?

How to create a car in Minecraft?Many players even have no idea that you can make a car in minecraft. It should be noted that in the original version of the game with machines, the situation is very problematic. For example, you can assemble a trolley, but it can hardly be called the ultimate dream of the Minecraft character.

How to make a car in Minecraft?

Still, the game has the ability to create your car. To do this, you need to download the mod "The Car". Note that this add-on is intended solely for servers. In other words, you will not be able to use the machine in your personal world.
First of all, you need to create wheels. This is done as follows:

  1. We take an iron ingot and place it in the center of the grid of the craft;
  2. In the remaining cells have skin.

How to make a car in Minecraft?
Of course, on some wheels the car will not work. Now it was the turn to develop the engine. To do this, use the following items:

  • Red dust;
  • Bake;
  • 2 torches;
  • 2 pistons.

How to make a car in Minecraft?
We arrange them as indicated in the recipe and the power unit is fully prepared.
Finally, we proceed to the development of the machine itself.To do this, we use two pairs of wheels, a power plant, two pieces of iron and a chest. We put all this into the craft grid, and we have a car.
The vehicle is completely ready for operation, but any object needs to be filled with something.

How can you make fuel in Minecraft?

Coal is used as fuel in the game. We sit in our car, call the menu with inventory, choose coal. Everything, now it is possible to go. If something did not work out for you, then you can find a video on the net and see how to make a car in Minecraft.
How to create a car in Minecraft?

Machine control

Let's consider the features of the management of the created vehicle:

  • Driving is standard WAD. In other words, the car does not go back;
  • In order to slow down, use the key "shift";
  • To run the inventory, press "C".


Using mod to create cars in Minecraft

The method described above is not the only one. You can use one more mode «Flans Mod», which differs more rich features. Note that this addition will help create not only a car, but also airplanes, anti-aircraft systems and even tanks.
In the standard version of the mod allows you to develop 14 types of cars.In addition, it makes it possible not to use coal for a ride, because here you can craft gasoline. Some types of vehicles are doubles, respectively, you can rent your partners or friends. Note that in this mode you need to create separately not only the engine and wheels, but also certain parts of your vehicle.
Thus, we learned how to create a car using mods. Follow the instructions and you will be able to move around your world not on foot, but in a stylish car.

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